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What’s Your Soul’s Song?


Day 3: of the Holiday Blog Hop, guides us to Nolwenn Petibois. This Canadian artist mom reiki healer writes beautiful stories about her subjects, giving them life, history, and meaning.


This piece might be my favorite, “Your Soul Song”. Beside the title (which I love) and the blue stars (which speak to me because of my blue star tattoo), the writing stops me in my tracks: “Being creative is not about making pretty things but more about listening to the song of your soul.”

I had a modeling agent tell me once before I opened an intense Off-Off Broadway play about a woman surviving rape, “Act pretty!”

And I recently had a conversation with an artist friend about making work that isn’t necessarily anything we would be drawn to. It’s not really our style, but it comes out of us as naturally as the day is long. Some of my art isn’t pretty. Some of it, I don’t like nor do I like the place it comes from, but it’s true. It is a song from my soul.

Thank you Nolwenn Petibois for giving us yours.

Etsy Shop: http://InnerWorlds.etsy.com/ Blog: http://www.inner-voices.net/


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