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Recommended Teachers’ Classes and Workshops

Recommended Teachers’ Classes and Workshops:

I can personally vouch for these teachers. They are awesome! I have studied with them (live) and have benefitted greatly from doing so. (Listed alphabetically by last name.)

Erin Faith Allen~ Based in Texas, Erin creates intense women’s retreats. I’ve yet to make it to her big one, The Call of the Wild Soul, where she gathers masterful goddesses from all over. But having studied with her in her weekend retreats, I’m sure it must be a gem!

Orly Avineri~ My (unofficial) mentor Orly Avineri teaches in Southern California constantly. Check out her site here and choose from the many dates and places she offers!

On-line Workshops:

With our busy lives, artist budgets, and work/family obligations, getting to all the workshops we want isn’t an option. Fortunately, these industrious, gorgeously creative teachers have created on-line classes to take any time, anywhere. Click on their names for their websites, or click on highlighted class names for the actual courses and/or workshops. (Listed alphabetically by last name.)

*Julie Fey-Fan Balzer — Her in-person teaching is limited, but you can purchase in-depth, monthly-themed classes, focusing on geli plates, gesso, hand-carving stamps, and hand-lettering to name a few.

*Donna Downey — Her on-line classes offer instructions for PanPastel and canvas work. In person, she also teaches stenciling, working with color, journal techniques and more, and her *free* “Inspiration Wednesday” videos rock!

*Kelly Kilmer — This woman moves! She’s constantly on the road — she loves teaching in person — generously so! It was her on-line classes (click on the photos to the bottom right of her website) that got me started years ago!

*Tamara Laporte — Based in the UK, Tamara gathered up a fantastic stable of international artists and created the year-long course in mixed-media, “Life Book”. Each month, you’ll get a video tutorial from a different teacher with a different lesson for the book. If  a year of “Life Book”-ing feels like  too much of a commitment, she also offers a variety of a la carte on-line classes  and some in-person art retreats on her own.

*Roben-Marie Smith — Florida artist and blogger Roben-Marie offers affordable, easy to follow, and adorable classes on-line in making mail art, ripping and stitching journals, clutches, bags, and journals!

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