emily cline art

gettin' my ya-ya's out

my inspiration

check out these sites:

Women’s March — because women have a voice and a right to be heard!

Brenè Brown — Researcher + Storyteller extraordinaire!

Elizabeth Gilbert — where you learn to create Big Magic, and find encouragement to help you create!

Glenn Doyle Melton — is a truth teller and hope spreader; I too am a Love Warrior!

Orly Avineri — artist, teacher, beauty-filled soul based in Southern California, but traveling the world

Lisa SonoraBeam — hanging out in Oaxaca, Mexico, a Gorgeous Genius and entrepreneur extra-ordinaire

Julie Fey-Fan Balzer — teacher, blogger, stencil/stamp maker in NYC

Mary Ann Moss — direct from Moss Cottage with her posse of cats

Erin Faith Allen — photographer, teacher, artist transplanted from So Cal to London to Texas gathering Wild Souls together!

Kelly Kilmer — blogging her art journals daily from the heart of Hollywood

Astrology Zone — ‘cuz sometimes you just gotta know what’s going on in the Universe!

Design*Sponge — all things hip, design, and creative

and books:

The Journey is the Destination — The Journals of Dan Eldon — put together by his sister and mother, he truly was a visionaries 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer

A World of Artist Journal Pages: 1000+ Artworks — Dawn DeVries Sokol’s incredible collection of art journalists from over 30 countries! Inspiration abounding!

Creative is a Verb by Patti Digh — will wake you up and shake you until you feel alive!

One Artist Journal by Orly Avineri — such a beautiful compilation you’ll pour over it for days

1,000 Artists Journals by Dawn DeVries Sokol — so many voices on the page, inspiration abounds

The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam — the best way to get your right and left brains to work together and create the career you deserve!

and peeps:

Patti Digh

Elizabeth Gilbert — creator of Big Magic!

The Women of ABC’s The View — calling it like they see it, whether you agree or not

Gloria Steinem — lighting the fire of equality, steering us back on track to be our most authentic best

Elizabeth Warren — Massachusetts senator fighting for the middle class and equality

Kimberly Wilson — founder TranquiliT, author, and do-gooder

and me:

Ruby Shea on Etsy

Katy Keuter’s interview with me

Producing “Buffalo Soldier” into a film


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