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Save the Date: Art Journal All Day


Save the Date AJAD.png

For years, I’ve spent much of my time and energy hoarding art supplies and gathering people to play with them. It’s always been a dream to open up the back studio, yard, and driveway to fill the space with art journalists. It’s time.

Saturday, June 15, we’re gathering. We’re playing.

You may have heard this somewhere before, but I wholeheartedly know it’s true:

If you build it, they will come.

*Art Journaling All Day will be a free event, co-hosted with the incomparable Brian Kasstle. Details will be coming. Email us to RSVP.

“FOUR!” Looking Back at 2017


We’re all doing it. Looking back over the past year. Gratefully. Sadly. With frustrations. Or for some, with joy. A mixed bag. Like mine.

I started here. Looking through my art journal.

2017 vision pages

In one class, we created a double-page spread of what we’d gift ourselves if we could. Beautiful symbols of what I wished for in my 50th year on earth. (FITTY!)

little book lines

Then, we carved lines out of vintage books to create a story. The black branches at the bottom were from a hand-carved stamp I made. The little kitten (lower right) was a delicate contribution from a sweet 11 year old friend, reluctant to mess up my pages.   (As if.)


This image is so delicious to me — it’s like cake decoration. I could eat it. It’s so sweet. The little spots of color peeking out. The big, red “FOUR!” — an abrupt exclamation, like a golfer’s yelp.


And toward the end of last spring, dear new friend, mentor, and co-teacher announced she and her family had decided to move to Oregon. Images of California goodness swamped my mind and pages — “How could they leave this amazing land!” ALLOW. (Harrumph.) Yes. ALLOW her to go and grow, like my loved ones have allowed me to go and grow.

And then this image (below) stopped me from looking back any further. (I think it’s my favorite but don’t tell the others.)


See, I clean everyone’s palate after every class. I am an artsupplyhoarder: I can’t just throw away left-over paint. So I plunk it in my journal. Piles and scrapes and swishes and blobs. Then somehow this solitary reindeer wandered in. Unmoved in a blizzard of color.

Words also jumped out of my thick, messy pages.

Notes reminding me to check out Joe Henry’s music for his beautiful lyrics, like, “Prayer is just a laugh unfurled.” I bought the whole album.

And other reminders, gifts from my students, woven in…

Where you stumble, there is treasure.

Your heart is a chrysalis through which I see colors that reflect my own.

It seems that we are meant to inhabit and live everything that comes toward us.” (John O’Donahue)

‘”Be a little deaf” — advice for love and work.’

Follow the arrows and that’s where you’ll find me.” (Stefanie Schamber, friend, mentor, co-teacher)

A rough year. I’m still looking back. Finding arrows, treasure, and love. “FOUR!”


Knocking My Socks Off



For years I’ve heard the adage ‘teachers learn from their students’, and I always thought, “What a nice thing to say..”


Then I noticed: my teen/’tween art journaling class knocks my socks off every single week. Sure, we’re all kinds of creative, working in our art journals, cutting, pasting, painting, writing. But there’s so much more than that going on.


We talk about our ‘roses and thorns’ — the best and worst part of our day. They tell me how their tests went, how someone made them belly laugh; they share little secrets, what they dream of being when they grow up. They tell me long-winded stories that have no plot or ending, but they just need to be heard.


They break my heart wide open with their creative, beauty-filled, vulnerable, adventurous selves.


And all the while, we make art, knocking my socks off.


It’s *FREE*!

Stop by and say “Hello!” this Saturday, May 6 at the *FREESouth Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival and Art Walk! I’ll be set up in Artisans Alley, selling my wares, enjoying a great afternoon and evening of music, art, and fun!

Details and directions here: The Eclectic Rocks. Remember, it’s *FREE*!


Box City Build Out: We Celebrated the Arts!


Just over a year ago we moved to South Pasadena, full of high hopes, even though we didn’t know anyone. In the short 15-months we’ve been here, we have come to love this community, all things “South Pass”, especially all things Marengo Elementary. We have been thriving; we found our jam!

This past weekend was a perfect example of that “jam”!

One of the reasons we chose South Pasadena is because of the thriving art community here. Years ago, Hope Perello, (SPACE’s mastermind) started several all-school, PTA-supported creative programs in her daughter’s elementary — which happened to be ours — Marengo Elementary. She started a monthly lunch-time art exploration “Art Happenings”, a winter gift-making workshop “Holiday Workshop”, and a big creative playdate every November “Celebrate the Arts”.


Having attended only once (last year) and being more than a little bit naive and hopeful (surely someone will sign up to be co-chair, right?), I volunteered to be the chairperson for “Celebrate the Arts” this year.  Walking in big footsteps, I got crazy lucky with sage leadership from Saida the Energizer Bunny PTA president, and some strong, resourceful, devout volunteers!


We created “Box City Build Out”, inspired by a Corita Kent, a summer camp activity with Heather Arndt, and 5 moves in 6 years. We took all our family’s moving boxes and instead of burning them to ashes like we’d really wanted to, we re-constructed, painted, decorated and repurposed them.






Parents and children built inventive sculptures and structures big and small — with details like hand-sewn pillows and carpet inside; shingles, welcome mats, and mailboxes with mail outside; faces, hearts, flowers, and love all over! Upbeat music blared (who knew the PTA prez is also a DJ!) Parents danced with other parents. Kids raced around scavenging boxes while devouring rooter floats. They drew all over their playground and even made old-fashioned kraft paper cut-out selfies!



When we started to run out of boxes, (yes, my nightmare) the very same parent who graphically designed our postcard (et hem, that’s you, Brook Collins!) hopped in his truck and dashed around town finding more. Parents with middle school kids threw boxes over the fence! Last year’s co-chairs even gave enormous support: one came with her whole family even though they were sick, the other drove up with her whole Jeep stacked full of boxes — right before she went to the ER with bum ankle! (Feel better Danielle and Lisa!!)


All that, roughly 25,000 steps, a sun-burned back, and only two broken nails. I’m humbled, grateful, exhausted. I can’t believe we did it!


Art in the Park!


Art in the park!

A day in the park with a few 10 year olds. Who knew it could make hearts so happy, so light!


Traveling art supplies.

I set out the supplies, they came  — with their open hearts and a willing, eagerness that knocked my socks off. Heart-and-book-smart young souls. Exploring, trusting their instincts, embracing it all! They found their own great ideas:


Gesso first, then paint? Got it! But what happens when I smush the pages together?!


This one totally got the craft of *journaling* in art. She snuck in secret wishes, writing over and over the words so they’ll be forever hidden, known only to her.


Then she DIY — and made her own envelope for secret stashing.


Or try this, your own envelope design with washi tape on the side. No patterns necessary.


Love washi tape? Make a whole washi mosh-pit!


The whole afternoon was one “Bon Jour”!

*Special thanks to Lisa Henderson for coordinating this fun little event, and to the moms who trusted their courageous creative young souls into my care.




Our afternoon of Art in the Park was only the beginning! Weekly art classes start in August, in my South Pasadena home!

Art Journaling Classes for ‘Tweens!

$100/month = after-school pick-up + snacks + art supplies for a 2-hour class!

Students will start to create their own special Wayfinding Journal, for as they go.. along their way. They’ll take home:

  • At least one new and unique art technique each class!
  • Creative writing — enmeshed into the pages!
  • Their own personal self-expression!
  • Safe space for memories, wishes, and secrets!
  • One-of-a-kind album for ticket stubs, greeting and post cards!
  • Use of magazine pictures, doodles, photographs, stickers!
  • A community of kindred spirits and new friends!

Email me to sign up! Space will be limited!

What’s Your Word?


Happy 2016!!

I’m setting my intentions for the new year. A couple of years ago, I adopted a word for the year and although sometimes the word morphs half-way through the year, it really seems to work much better for me than writing down resolutions.

Last year’s word ended up being “BRAVE” — it really helped — especially moving cross-country!

This year, it’s all about “SHARE”. Share space, share stories, share light. There is so much happening in the world that hurts my heart — immigration woes, racial, religious, and sexual injustices, ineffectual weapon control, and our country’s serious lack of mental health care. And there are personal aches — witnessing dear friends’ pain and break-ups, hearing about (and knowing my own) financial trials, burrowing new relationship paths and boundaries. Awareness has opened me up — not closed me down — and begged me to listen more, offer more, and share.

In case you need it: (I did.)

Emily Cline Art

(You Have Permission!)

We don’t have to go it alone.

We are all connected.

We all have inherent worth and value.


With that in mind, I want to start off the new year by sharing:

  • Read“YOU are a BADASS” by Jen Sincero (huge thanks to Stacy Pickerell DiCristofaro for recommending it!)
  • TryGina Rossi Armfield’s “No Excuses Art Journaling” year-long journal project!!!!

    (My “No Excuses” journal from 2015)

    Really. It is super easy to do. Go at your own pace; it doesn’t take much time. It has helped me just. keep. going. Plus, on her site right now, she’s offering free video classes!

  • Listen: to the best creative life permission slip ever: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I don’t care if you’re an artist, a mother, an accountant. DO IT. (Btw, if you are an accountant, know an accountant, or just wanna hear a great story about the sweetestmostloving accountant ever, listen to Rob Bell’s great podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert — it’s #21 on his site.)
  • Take: Art Journaling Class for ‘Tweens and Teens!!

    (We’ll make and start to fill these!)

    January 24, 12:00 noon at Maker’s Mess in Silverlake, CA. (NOTE: Date was just changed from January 9 to the 24!)

  • Shop: “Pay What You Can” for my prints at arts and crafts fairs. I tried offering PWYC last fall on my Etsy site, but the site didn’t support it, so I offered it in person at shows, and that rocked! Thank you!! I vow to continue sharing that pricing in person for 2016! If you see something you want, let me know and let’s make a deal!
  • Grateful: As always, I give thanks for you. Yes, you. Loudly and proudly. Your support — in person and on-line — has been incredible to me. I am deeply, humbly grateful. Thank you.

Happy 2016!!

Apple Hacked!


My apologies for the earlier post, supposedly from Apple. It was not. I was hacked. I’ve been working with the real Apple all day, trying to fix, update, and secure this won’t happen again. Thank you for your patience!


Turn the Page


I’m working through yet another level in my life — and my art journaling. I have been stuck, but now I feel release. It came from literally shifting my perspective: turning the direction of my page.

I put down a layer. Turn the page.

Work through a layer. Turn the page.

Paint it on. Rub it off. Turn the page.

Any side leftemilyclineart

It’s a Big Deal


I like a good challenge. I really do. It keeps me feeling awake and alive. Last week, the insanely talented Marianne Morris challenged me to share my art journaling on Facebook for 5 days, I thought “No Big Deal! I share all the time.” But I decided to really step up and challenge myself: no picking and choosing my prettiest or coolest pieces. Just share what’s happening right now. No Big Deal.

So I shared my daily art journaling. For four days, I showed my day-to-day boringness and my works in progress that probably won’t ever get past some pretty awkward stages.

Then I got hung up on something. Emotionally. And I knew I had to journal about it. And then I had to share it. It came from this little blurb I read in TheSkimm January 29:

Sexual assaults on college campuses. Again. Yesterday, a former Stanford University student and swimmer was charged with raping an unconscious woman. The attack allegedly occurred outside and on campus grounds earlier this month. Two bikers riding by reportedly saw what was happening, stopped the student – a 19-year-old male – and restrained him until police arrived. Meanwhile, in other news you wish didn’t exist, earlier this week two former Vanderbilt University football players were convicted of raping an unconscious woman in 2013. Even though the victim has no memory of the attack, Cory Batey and Brandon Vandenburg were convicted thanks to photos and video Vandenburg had on his phone. Two other suspects, also former football players at the school, are facing similar charges.”

I just kept thinking, “That’s not okay. That’s not okay.”

The horrific violation of sexually assaulting someone is NOT OKAY.

I’m not a great writer or researcher. I’m not well versed in the statistics that tell appalling numbers. But I will say, I have my own stories, my own horrible experiences. I wish they didn’t happen. But they did. And it wasn’t okay.

I won’t share the gory details here. No names. I will simply say, bad things happened to me. And to the thousands and thousands of people who have their own terrible memories of being sexually assaulted and/or raped, I am so sorry. If you want to have a conversation, we can; I will. Because secrets steal power and make nightmares and fester disease, depression, and horrible self-hatred. Talking empowers and heals.

It’s a Big Deal.


This is the left half.


This is the right half.

I can share my art journaling. I can stand up to the challenge. I can have the conversation. It’s a Big Deal.

It’s Time to Get Festive!


White Lotus

The annual Larchmont Arts Festival is this Saturday afternoon! Stop by and say ‘hello!’ I’ll be showing and selling my originals, prints, and hand-painted leather cuffs. There will be 60+ artists with fine art, jewelry, food, crafts for kids, even a band!

See you there!

Larchmont Arts Festival

Saturday, September 20; 1:00-5:00 p.m.

Chatsworth Avenue, just east of Boston Post Road (next to the Larchmont Fire Station)

(Rain date is Sunday, September 21.)




Black Lotus


Blue Poppies

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