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who am i?

Color Fest.jpgI was raised in a small, Iowa town by a farmer/banker and a teacher/artist – the youngest sister for two (big) brothers. I was an overachiever in high school, then nearly clunked out at Iowa State University. I loaded up my yellow Corolla and moved to Pensacola, Florida where I found myself a beach-betty and waitress. There, I won a local modeling contest and moved back north to start my modeling career. 30 years, 5 countries, 9087 apartments, 8 cats, 2.5 goldfish, 2 turtles,  1 massive Anatolian Shepherd, 1 labrador puppy, and a whole lotta life later….


I’m married to a funny, smart East Coast guy who makes me laugh. A lot.  

I’m raising a brave, boundary-pushing 11 year old boy.

I cherish my friends, love animals, honor my masters. 

I act (in my dreams).

I model (rarely). 

I study (constantly). 


RubyShea — Where’s the name from?

The name RubyShea comes from my deepest loves: my blood family and my chosen family.

Ruby is the “blood”. Gramma Ruby Cline grew the smallest, sweetest strawberries you ever tasted. She loved her Methodist church and her family — and all the calamity that came with us: her two sons, their wives, six grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, most whom she lived long enough to meet. “Ruby” stands for all of my family, on both sides– Cline (dad) and Chandler (mom). Even though they all live far away from me in the Midwest, I am who I am because I’m grounded with them and our messy, sometimes funny, real history.

Shea is for my “chosen” family, starting with Scott Shea, my husband in this 14-year, unconventional, love-and-laughter-packed marriage. That family continues to our wily son, Scott’s family, my generous and patient teachers and all my Yemma Tribe sisters who not only keep me sane, but also keep me on this earth. (You know who you are, you scalawags.)

With all that history and love, RubyShea is my art!



Action Shot.

More art:

You can purchase my original art and prints on Etsy:


and on Society 6:


I got a rockin’ write-up on Elusive Muse! wow. So cool!


I was featured on Dan Eldon‘s site in celebration of all he has inspired. You can see it here:


The adorably creative Katy Keuter gave me a sweet write up too:



Leading an in-home personal art journaling party.


That’s me, working.


My boyz!


Maxi on the banister.


Freddie Spaghetti — underbelly exposed!

8 thoughts on “who am i?

  1. Marie P. Anderson

    Hey Miss Emily!

    You’ve returned to NYC? Congrats on ALL of your endeavors and growth spurts!! You art work is truly GORGEOUS!!! I leave you alone for a few years and look at you! 😉 Miss you!! God bless!! Marie xoxo


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Thanks, Miss Marie. It’s been a saving grace for me… really a lifeline! And going back to school studying art therapy. Who knew! You look fab — hope you are doing grat back in Chicago! xoU


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