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Art Journaling for ‘Tweens!

emily cline art

‘Tween Art Journaling in the back studio!

My 2017 ‘Tween Art Journaling class is up and running!

Class details:
    *We meet every Tuesday from 3:00-4:30 (Marengo students get picked up afterschool by the Lost & Found racks)
    *For 10-15 year olds
    *$100/a month for 4 classes, all art supplies and light snack included!
        **If your student brings a friend who signs up for a month, you get a free class!**
(Currently the class is closed, there is a wait list for future openings, dates TBD.)
Students discover:
    *How to create their own handmade journal
    *Quick-n-easy credit card painting technique
    *Ways to express themselves with funky unique writing
    *Practice stenciling and stamping skills
    *Cut and include ephemera from magazines, vintage books, cards, napkins

    *A fun, supportive community of like-minded creative friends!

An avid art journalist myself, I’ve taught classes in my home, schools, and shops to children and adults for years. I love art journaling with a passion! It’s a fantastic way to express themselves creatively, safely, breaking free of fear of making mistakes or being judged. It’s also proved to be calming and centering. Personally, I love that art journaling can be something they take with themselves throughout their lives to store memories, thoughts, and wishes.
Enrollment is currently closed, but it can change from month to month. Secure your student’s spot on the wait list now. Feel free to spread the word!
**If your student brings a friend who signs up for a month, you get a free class!**
Inline imageWe’ll have fun and explore tons of art-making tricks. No experience necessary.
Art Journaling Club Class

One of our first art journaling classes, back in NY. What a gorgeous mess!

You don’t need to buy anything — I have everything ! Or, you can use stuff you already have, like photographs, ticket stubs, greeting cards, stickers, magazine pictures and words — anything goes!!
emily cline art

One of my Wayfinding art journal pages.


Wayfinding art journal page.

emily cline art

One of the student’s first art journaling page! Love her candy necklace picture on the side.


One student loved washi tape.


3 Wayfinding art journals– anything goes!

The best thing about Art Journaling is that it’s not about making something “perfect” or “pretty”. It’s about self-expression, sharing with friends, and having fun!


One rocking’ 10 year old student’s art!


A high schooler styled this using a handmade mask.


Playing with stencils, colors, and patterns.


4th grade magic!

Email me (EmilyCline@sbcglobal.netto reserve a spot now!

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