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How About This for a Great Gift Idea?


It’s only November. I have a friend who is already finished with her Christmas shopping. FINISHED. (Rude.) I just started.

But I started with an “Ah ha!”

I went to a small local craft fair to “do research,” I told my son, for the craft fairs I’m selling at next week. (Really? I just love craft fairs!)

Ceramic owls with air plants, by Happy Los Angeles

Ceramic owls with air plants, by Happy Los Angeles.

I bribed him with lemonade and a seat in the shade, then I set off in the warm California sunshine. Ceramics, jewelry, and macrame — oh my! Gorgeous, hand-created, sweet items, perfect for my Christmas list. Things people will like, surely, but also things people need: shaving cream, candles, earrings (we all neeeeeeeed pretty things!)

Hand painted henna on stained wood.

Hand painted henna on stained wood, MKConnections.

As my son and I walked out half an hour later, I felt so good! I had connected with a friend from Craftcation. I’d met up with an entrepreneurial woman who just opened Makers Mess, an art studio — and she needs teachers for teens! (Hello, let me introduce myself!) I met an young Indian woman who painted stunning henna on colored wood and jars. Christmas shopping started!

Cotton and Flax mini-notebooks!

Cotton and Flax mini-notebooks!

I got to thinkin’… of course, we’re all buying presents for the holidays. My family is fortunate, so we try to gift through others — by donating to Heifer International, Fabretto, local schools and families in need.

But it dawned on me, almost every family I know has been under a lot of financial pressure these past few years, mine included. I quit modeling and acting a few years ago to be a stay-at-home mom and artist. Neither help pay the rent, but I feel good and know I’m doing what is best for our family right now. But if we all buy local* — from craft fairs, flea markets, Etsy shops, holiday church bazaars — we can financially support our neighbors, build stronger communities.

I know *buying local* is not a novel idea, but the good it does runs deep: the “feel good!” we get by going to an arts and crafts fair, the chance to meet old and new friends, find useful, handmade gifts, support our local makers, and to financially boost our friends and larger community. That’s a great gift idea all around!

*Make sure to check out these other great artist’s shops — Dani Paquin’s Agapantha , Tracey Clem’s Etsy shop, Donna Marie’s PeaceLoveNCrossbones, and Jonathan Castro’s Jonathan Castro Designs. (My photos didn’t do their jewelry and ceramics justice!)


To kick off my holiday season, I’ll be here this weekend:

Mosaic Craft Fair, Alhambra

Mosaic Craft Fair, Alhambra

Silverlake Flea Market, Silverlake

Silverlake Flea Market, Silverlake

And in December:

Silverlake Flea (again)

Beachwood Canyon

Beachwood Canyon

Just a Little Something I Picked Up Along the Way


On the aforementioned Great Midwestern Road Trip, I picked up souvenirs. Okay, I bought stuff. Some call it “junk”, others call it it “treasures”. I’m going with the latter. Glorious gems all of them!


Crazy beautiful reusable plastic bag.


(From the top, clockwise) On a Michaels run in Iowa, I found a little booklet of vintage-y papers, a jewelry tool, label washi tape, silver duct tape, pretty gauze banner, fun stickers, and another Cachet art journaling book (my favorite for size and paper).


Oh, the Minneapolis junk shops! A vintage “h” from Kentucky Fried Chicken, plus labels and stickies.


There’s just something about a tin can I can’t resist!


Massive score: three cigar boxes! One even has the name “Punch” on it — Punch being a restaurant we’d gone to the night before!


Not from my trip, but quietly waiting for me when I returned: my first installment of Stencil Girl’s monthly stencil club offerering. Oh. My. Love.


And somehow, I won a piece of art from Stencil Girl’s very own Mary Beth Shaw! How lucky can one girl be?!


Apparently, very lucky: I also had a thank you note from Tracey Clem waiting for me! I have to write her a thank you note for her thank you note. Gorgeous! And that’s just the envelope!!


This is the gem-of-a-card waiting for me inside. Thank you, Tracey Clem!


This (sideways) pic is of a flower book I also picked up in Minneapolis. The flowers inside are breathtaking! I might trace around them for some pretty lines on my art journaling.




Yeah. I think so too. Gorgeous!

I heArt Tracey Clem!


I am blessed blessed blessed with many dear, good, cherished friends, one of the newest being Tracey Clem. She’s helping my Doodlebugheart partner Deborah and I lately by posting with us on our blog. She’s new to the visual journaling world, but she is rocking it. Her style, wisdom, light, and faith all shine through in everything she touches. Here’s just a little peak at one of her latest pieces.


You can read her latest D’bug post here or follow her own personal blog here.

I heArt Tracey Clem!!

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