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They’re Second Prints! (not just rub-offs)




This is a second print — okay, really, it’s just what I rubbed off from this fantastic graffiti-like stencil I got this summer from Stencil Girl. I was in Houston at the scrapbooking convention. Not much for scrapbooking, I signed up instead for a full day of classes with Mary Beth from Stencil Girl, Dina Wakly, Julie Balzer, and Natalie Kalbach. We were not only generously given loads of freebies, but also tons of information and techniques!


This is another second print from a flower stencil. I put sprays and textures down before I rubbed through the paint. Love the rainy, washed-out effect.


This piece was finished with another second print from the same Mary Beth stencil (from the first photo). It’s called the “MB Makes Marker Stencil“. See the graffiti-like black marks and lines? That’s not me. That’s just my rubbing-off some of Stencil Girl’s goodness.

Waste Not, Want Not


I went to an art class/gathering last Friday night with a friend at “Picasso’s Corner“. It was a really fun night, with only a few people in a back-alley room that doubles as a rehearsal studio and gallery. We had wine, cheese, salami, crackers, and way too many M&M’s.

Emily Cline Art

Shining Soul — this is what I came up with in class. It’s going to live in Missouri with a beautiful woman on her own journey of healing.

We were given a canvas, a paper plate with blobs of paint, two brushes, and and 3 hours. That’s what I came up with (above): “Shining Soul”. It was crazy how we all had such unique, different visions; we brought ourselves into our paintings. Our painting’s evolutions were great to see.

Being the “waste not, want not” kinda Midwestern girl, I couldn’t just throw away all my extra paint. So I used my “Side Kick” (or as Orly Avineri calls it, “Psychic”) journal next to me for the excess. I kept swirling it and rubbing it in, making a couple of rich, deeply colored grounds.

1003042_664449880256269_1820410312_n 993695_664449910256266_1684671168_nI came back to them yesterday, with Stencil Girls‘ stencils by Jessica Sporn. Adding in a great deal of journaling about spirit, faith, and life and this is what came out. It’s hard to see by the photo, but the meditator is actually on a half page that stands alone. I have yet to do the backside of that half page. Maybe that’s another class.

Just a Little Something I Picked Up Along the Way


On the aforementioned Great Midwestern Road Trip, I picked up souvenirs. Okay, I bought stuff. Some call it “junk”, others call it it “treasures”. I’m going with the latter. Glorious gems all of them!


Crazy beautiful reusable plastic bag.


(From the top, clockwise) On a Michaels run in Iowa, I found a little booklet of vintage-y papers, a jewelry tool, label washi tape, silver duct tape, pretty gauze banner, fun stickers, and another Cachet art journaling book (my favorite for size and paper).


Oh, the Minneapolis junk shops! A vintage “h” from Kentucky Fried Chicken, plus labels and stickies.


There’s just something about a tin can I can’t resist!


Massive score: three cigar boxes! One even has the name “Punch” on it — Punch being a restaurant we’d gone to the night before!


Not from my trip, but quietly waiting for me when I returned: my first installment of Stencil Girl’s monthly stencil club offerering. Oh. My. Love.


And somehow, I won a piece of art from Stencil Girl’s very own Mary Beth Shaw! How lucky can one girl be?!


Apparently, very lucky: I also had a thank you note from Tracey Clem waiting for me! I have to write her a thank you note for her thank you note. Gorgeous! And that’s just the envelope!!


This is the gem-of-a-card waiting for me inside. Thank you, Tracey Clem!


This (sideways) pic is of a flower book I also picked up in Minneapolis. The flowers inside are breathtaking! I might trace around them for some pretty lines on my art journaling.




Yeah. I think so too. Gorgeous!

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