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More Layers! — from Cover to Cover


I’ve mentioned Seth Apter and his blog The Altered Page before. I don’t mean to go on about him, but I took his Cover to Cover day-long workshop through The Ink Pad in March, at the Westbeth Center in NYC (I used to do theatre at Westbeth!) — and I had the best time! I scored tons of new ideas and ways to use different tools, and got great product info. Beside being a distinct and prolific artist, a kind, patient teacher, Seth is also a unique stencil designer, so I picked up a few — you can too, here, or at The Ink Pad.

Our task for the day was to take the seven (7) recycled, hard-bound book covers and convert them into pieces of art in book form. The book is simply bound — with a ribbon secured through a small slit on the front page — so I can change the order, add, or subtract pages when I want.

Emily-Cline-ArtSeth introduced us to fiber paste which I worked in the piece above. It took a while to dry (as we blew out half the room with our hair dryers!) but it had such a great, rough texture when it cured.


The above piece was a play with inks and washi tape (can you see it?).


Stencil play with flowers, above. The one below was done with a ton of molding paste spread haphazardly with a palette knife.


DSCN2004The page below was created with a zebra-print stencil and molding paste. I spread the paste through the stencil with a palette knife, let it dry, then added color!

DSCN2005 The biggest thing he taught us was to layerlayerlayer! There are no mistakes — if you don’t like what came out? More layers! From cover to cover.


Dan Eldon: His Journey, My Inspiration


The very kind, generous, and talented New York artist/teacher Seth Apter is working with Dan Eldon‘s online presence creating a tribute to Dan and the enormous creativity and expression he inspired with his life and journals. An avid traveler, aid missionary, artist/art journalist, and photojournalist, Dan died tragically — way, way too young — murdered in Somalia at age 22.

I was greatly moved by Dan and his work when I first started art journaling. My story, contributed to The Journey is the Inspiration, is here:


I highly recommend you read all of the other stories and take in their work, too. They’re profound and amazing. Just like Dan was.

Get all the inspiration:







Up close and personal.

Things have been a little thick lately. I’m going through it whole-heartedly. It’s messy. It’s not so pretty.


Finding beings.

I’ve been looking for My Masters to appear in my work. I was feeling like other art journalists find their Guides easily while mine just don’t show themselves easily, if at all. In reality, I think I needed to slow down and listen. They’re there.


They show up when I listen.


Retirement is. Okay


Look what my mess brought in.


Where the mess gets made.

My son asked me in the car yesterday, “Mom, how do you like your retirement?” He means my {trial? temporary? year long?} retirement after 25 years as a model and actor. “It’s… Okay.”, I answered, thinking.  It is. Okay.

I miss the money.  But I have been selling more of my art lately, on canvas, journal, and bracelet/cuff form. I’ve found more creativity in my (almost daily) practice and a much stronger voice.

I eat what I want. I’m enjoying meals. I work out when I can.  I really. don’t. miss. constantly worrying about being thin and fit.

I’m recognizing I am a full time mother first, and an artist second. Though I still struggle with mommy-ness, I’m thrilled my son (finally) enjoys reading, does well in math and spelling, plays hard, is kind to others, and told me last week, right before his 8th birthday that he’s happy.

Retirement is. Okay.


River of color

What I Live For



Spent the last five days doing art with my mom, Karel Cline, who was “visiting from Iowa!” as she liked to say. Such a healing, meditative time. In between school pick-up and drop-offs, and a little bit of shopping (everybody loves TJ Maxx!) we listened to chanting music, lit sage and incense, and we had copious amounts of chocolate.


Mom had recently learned about (and picked up lightening fast) zentangle. She shared her small, delicate, intricately woven black and white cards with me, which I immediately photocopied, cut up, and inserted into my work.


Ronit’s Inspiration

My beautiful Israeli-slash-New Jersey art journaling cohort, Ronit Salei joined us Sunday afternoon, for a few hours of heaven.

Women around the table. Crafting. Sharing. It’s what I live for.



With Space

I’ve been working regularly this year, building my brave, owning my style, my voice. Not just in my art, also in my spirituality, my body, my marriage, my friendships. It’s not going smoothly. It’s rough. I’m feeling unsure, clunky, and alone.



But these colors keep coming through. Vibrant. Strong. Alive. I think that’s me — all of us, really — underneath it all.

Another Day at the Office


My lazy coworker

Came to work this morning, greeted my coworker. (He didn’t want any coffee.)


Time for an update.

Systems crashing. Time to upgrade.


Systems upgrade!

Will need to figure out how to integrate the new with the old.


Tea bag for paper, wine corks for stamps, toilet paper rolls and other lids for making marks, makeup sponge for stencils.

However, I will keep the old “thinking-outside-of-the-box” tools. That’s a win-win.


The old Grind


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