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It’s a Big Deal


I like a good challenge. I really do. It keeps me feeling awake and alive. Last week, the insanely talented Marianne Morris challenged me to share my art journaling on Facebook for 5 days, I thought “No Big Deal! I share all the time.” But I decided to really step up and challenge myself: no picking and choosing my prettiest or coolest pieces. Just share what’s happening right now. No Big Deal.

So I shared my daily art journaling. For four days, I showed my day-to-day boringness and my works in progress that probably won’t ever get past some pretty awkward stages.

Then I got hung up on something. Emotionally. And I knew I had to journal about it. And then I had to share it. It came from this little blurb I read in TheSkimm January 29:

Sexual assaults on college campuses. Again. Yesterday, a former Stanford University student and swimmer was charged with raping an unconscious woman. The attack allegedly occurred outside and on campus grounds earlier this month. Two bikers riding by reportedly saw what was happening, stopped the student – a 19-year-old male – and restrained him until police arrived. Meanwhile, in other news you wish didn’t exist, earlier this week two former Vanderbilt University football players were convicted of raping an unconscious woman in 2013. Even though the victim has no memory of the attack, Cory Batey and Brandon Vandenburg were convicted thanks to photos and video Vandenburg had on his phone. Two other suspects, also former football players at the school, are facing similar charges.”

I just kept thinking, “That’s not okay. That’s not okay.”

The horrific violation of sexually assaulting someone is NOT OKAY.

I’m not a great writer or researcher. I’m not well versed in the statistics that tell appalling numbers. But I will say, I have my own stories, my own horrible experiences. I wish they didn’t happen. But they did. And it wasn’t okay.

I won’t share the gory details here. No names. I will simply say, bad things happened to me. And to the thousands and thousands of people who have their own terrible memories of being sexually assaulted and/or raped, I am so sorry. If you want to have a conversation, we can; I will. Because secrets steal power and make nightmares and fester disease, depression, and horrible self-hatred. Talking empowers and heals.

It’s a Big Deal.


This is the left half.


This is the right half.

I can share my art journaling. I can stand up to the challenge. I can have the conversation. It’s a Big Deal.

I’ve Been Away from Myself



I’ve been away from myself. Tending to others. Felt good to be needed. But I needed myself too.

Asian YellowSometimes when I come back, I’m flying. It’s like all these colors and shapes have been crashing around inside me and they come tumbling out.


And then, once they’re out, I can breathe again.


We All Need a Night Out!


Wayfinding Journals x 3

Not everyone loves art journaling as much as I do — I get it! But we all love and need a night out:  we all need to vent, hang, laugh with others.


October marked our first Ladies Night!{Ladies only} monthly art class at the Plaster Palace, 2005 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont.

So come play! {Ladies only} Art Class every month at Plaster Palace Pottery, 2005 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont.


A Wayfinding Journals’ beginning.

We’ll create our own Wayfinding Journals — journals that help us mark our lives as we go along the way. They’re super simple booklets that hold photos (that we actually print out!), movie stubs, greeting cards, pictures from magazines, even some kids’ art. Each month we’ll go a little further, making pages more personal, more meaningful.


Remembering to breathe

The next one is Thursday, November 6, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Just $10 at the door includes art supplies and M&M’s. Spread the word! Bring your friends, your tea, or a bottle of wine.

But remember to reserve your space with me ‘cuz space is limited — and I know you need that night out!

“Ho, Hey!” Happy Day!


Me, singing and dancing “Ho! Hey!” to my Mister who took the pic at the Larchmont Arts Festival, 2014

Saturday’s Larchmont Arts Festival was a Great Day! It was just so much fun. My art sold — prints, cuffs, iPhone covers, originals, and a couple of commissions! The weather was great. There were tons of people. My husband even came and stayed, taking pictures and rearranging my table every ten minutes. My good friend Kelly Collet helped keep me calm, just like she last time.


Sophie and Hatcher loved the crafts and face painting.


Bridget’s bobbles!

And the incredible jeweler Bridget Montefiore was there, just like before, only this time, she was right next to me, so we passed friends and customers back and forth. (And just like last time, I spent most of my earnings on her pieces!)

A great, happy Day! My deepest gratitude to all who showed, shared, and supported!

It’s Time to Get Festive!


White Lotus

The annual Larchmont Arts Festival is this Saturday afternoon! Stop by and say ‘hello!’ I’ll be showing and selling my originals, prints, and hand-painted leather cuffs. There will be 60+ artists with fine art, jewelry, food, crafts for kids, even a band!

See you there!

Larchmont Arts Festival

Saturday, September 20; 1:00-5:00 p.m.

Chatsworth Avenue, just east of Boston Post Road (next to the Larchmont Fire Station)

(Rain date is Sunday, September 21.)




Black Lotus


Blue Poppies

“Yes!” to Dina Wakley



emilyclineartDina Wakely, artist, author, {teacher (on-line) and (in person)}, and paint, stencil, stamp and brush designer makes art journaling look so effortless! This past weekend at The Ink Pad’s sponsored workshops, I got to play in “Dinaland”, learn about “The Gospel According to Dina”, and meet a whole buncha fabulous beautiful new friends!

I was lucky enough to get into all four classes:  Beyond the Ink Pad, Conquering Color, Layering and Listening, and Delightful Painted Deli Paper. I loved them all mainly because Dina makes you feel right at home — except there’s no whining, no (over)thinking, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do! “It’s play!”, she says. “Listen to me. I’ll walk you through it. Make mistakes!” And the answer to anything and everything? “YES!”


It’s hard for me to trust the white space — I want to fill the whole page!

In any workshop, I do my best to follow the teacher and just try, for the day, their way. I’m always surprised!

Dina (Deeeena, not Dīna, Waaake-ly, not Wack-ly) usually has about 5 journal pages going at a time; we worked 2 pages at a time, allowing for drying and cross-pollination of ideas, marks, and collage elements. The below pictures are a few of the 25 layers we did Sunday.


Just the beginning — about 4 or 5 layers in.


Added Jessica Sporn’s hamsa stencil.


Next big yellow circles that we scribbled in.


Big loopy letters — barely seen here, but they showed up really well later on.


Painted around a bird mask.


Added doodles and dots and itty bitty pen lines.

I didn’t think we could do it, but we did — 25 LAYERS! — in about 1/2 hour! Then we cut the page into circles and layered it on another quickly dialed up background. Threw in a lil’ journaling, and a stamped focal element, and voila!


End of day happy!


Me and Dina. One of the worst pictures ever — Complete with finger over the lens!

Dina’s so open and personal with her self and her creativity — you feel like you’re besties. I think I’ll have to get her yummy paints (buttery rich with pigment!), bristly brushes, stencils and fun, easy stamps, and maybe even her on-line face class! “YES!”

***P.S. Special shout to Anna and The Ink Pad gang for 16 years of fabulous, NYC store-dom! Bravo! We love you!***

***Come visit me at the Larchmont Arts Festival this Saturday here in Larchmont, NY, 1:00 – 5:00. (Raindate is Sunday.) Along with 60+ artists, I will be selling original art pieces, prints, and leather cuffs. ***

***Art Journaling for ‘Tweens starts next week, September 22, 4:00-6:00 p.m. at Plaster Palace Potter, Palmer Avenue, Larchmont. $25/2 hour class; $20 if you bring a sibling! Must be 10-15 years old. No experience needed! More info here. Email me to reserve a spot!***

Still Working. Still Diving.


Diving in

My kid is out of school and we’ve been traveling a lot, having a fun summer, making memories. With all the rushing here and there, my husband introduced me to a Pandora station called “Meditation music” so we’d all slow down a bit. It worked. I slowed down.

Then I decided to art with Deepak Chopra’s Pandora Meditation station (… er, that sounds kinda funny, doesn’t it) and have been surprised by how much I like hearing his lilting Indian accent pop in between songs, reminding me to take deep breaths, that my soul is equal to everyone else’s, to set my intentions — nothing new. But holy-powerful-mama when I put it together with my art.


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