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Hello, Funky Yemmas!


In the clubhouse that is the backyard studio, magic happens! Fairy lights twinkle, paint glides and splashes, everyone plays. Laughter bubbles as creative, brilliant ‘tween-agers  share stories, bouncing around the big communal table that SPACE birthed and we adopted.

In our magic space, there’s birthday cake, dancing in the rain, and music — lots and lots of Hamilton songs!

We always talk about our day’s roses and thorns. We try one new thing — a new product, a different tool, a funny experiment. We share ourselves. And we always leave happier. Always.

Happen Today finished.JPG

To share the magic we have here, I’m starting an ‘tween, on-line, art journaling video club:


For $10/month, you get art journaling video tutorials and a little goodie bag mailed to your very own clubhouse, wherever you are.

Support, friendship, community all for only $10/month!

Come play with us, all you Funky Yemmas!

xoxo me(ow)

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