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Come Play with Me ~ Branch Out!


Branch Out with me!

I’m teaching at the adorable creative space, Nixie Sparrow, in Beacon, NY, Saturday, May 9; 12:00 noon. It’s going to be a whopping good time — creative, community, and art stuff!

In this 2-3 hour workshop, we’ll use art materials to explore how we are “Branching Out” in our lives — whether we are budding out in spring fever, nesting with little ones, or pruning off what no longer serves us.


First, I’ll guide you through simple journal prompts. Then, you’ll create abstract backgrounds,  layering on paint and paper, images, colors, marks, and descriptive words.

No experience necessary! Mistakes are encouraged!

You’ll love creating your pages, learn basic elements of collage, and find easy, take-home techniques!

DATE: SATURDAY, May 9, 2015

TIME: 12:00 PM (approx. 2-3 hours)

LOCATION: Nixie Sparrow, 291 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508; phone: (845) 202-7011

COST: $45 per person

RSVP recommended:

phone: (845) 202-7011

email: nixiesparrow@gmail.com

*Please call in advance to be sure class is not full if walking in
*Must cancel within 48 hours of class in order to receive refund

$5 BEER / $ 6 WINE / $6 MIMOSAS / $3 DRINK MORE GOOD SODAS available

(Must be 21+ to consume alcohol)


All materials — beside journal — provided. You will leave this fun afternoon with at least 2 expressive art journal pages (i.e. at least one double page spread), plus several easy-to-remember art journaling techniques you can take home to explore!

ATTENDEES – PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING : Sketchbook, art journal, notebook, or old book to repurpose. Any photographs, photocopies, magazine images, text, or ephemera they want (not necessary, but it can be fun to include personal items).

Turn the Page


I’m working through yet another level in my life — and my art journaling. I have been stuck, but now I feel release. It came from literally shifting my perspective: turning the direction of my page.

I put down a layer. Turn the page.

Work through a layer. Turn the page.

Paint it on. Rub it off. Turn the page.

Any side leftemilyclineart

Details, Details



Sometimes, it’s not the big picture that gets me. It’s the details. Colors crashing against each other in the smallest spot.IMG_6746 IMG_6748Distinct lines next to soft shapes.

Lazing around in moments, instead of big huge events.

IMG_6751Crossing over from abstract to distinct in just a couple of inches. Slowly, softly, barely perceptible.

Still Working. Still Diving.


Diving in

My kid is out of school and we’ve been traveling a lot, having a fun summer, making memories. With all the rushing here and there, my husband introduced me to a Pandora station called “Meditation music” so we’d all slow down a bit. It worked. I slowed down.

Then I decided to art with Deepak Chopra’s Pandora Meditation station (… er, that sounds kinda funny, doesn’t it) and have been surprised by how much I like hearing his lilting Indian accent pop in between songs, reminding me to take deep breaths, that my soul is equal to everyone else’s, to set my intentions — nothing new. But holy-powerful-mama when I put it together with my art.


Dan Eldon: His Journey, My Inspiration


The very kind, generous, and talented New York artist/teacher Seth Apter is working with Dan Eldon‘s online presence creating a tribute to Dan and the enormous creativity and expression he inspired with his life and journals. An avid traveler, aid missionary, artist/art journalist, and photojournalist, Dan died tragically — way, way too young — murdered in Somalia at age 22.

I was greatly moved by Dan and his work when I first started art journaling. My story, contributed to The Journey is the Inspiration, is here:


I highly recommend you read all of the other stories and take in their work, too. They’re profound and amazing. Just like Dan was.

Get all the inspiration:







Up close and personal.

Things have been a little thick lately. I’m going through it whole-heartedly. It’s messy. It’s not so pretty.


Finding beings.

I’ve been looking for My Masters to appear in my work. I was feeling like other art journalists find their Guides easily while mine just don’t show themselves easily, if at all. In reality, I think I needed to slow down and listen. They’re there.


They show up when I listen.


Living in Color

emily cline art

Jenny’s Ganeesh

emily cline art

The two pieces above were made as special commissions.

Along with my thoughts and behavior — coming up Brave!– my style is changing. I live in color!

Emily Cline Art Emily Cline Art

emily cline art

emily cline art

Emily Cline art Emily Cline Art

Jessica's inspiration

And to follow up with aforementioned Brave, I’ve already made prints to sell at craft fairs this spring and I’m going to a art-as-a-business workshop in 10 days. I’m scared and nervous, but doing it anyway!

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