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Turn the Page


I’m working through yet another level in my life — and my art journaling. I have been stuck, but now I feel release. It came from literally shifting my perspective: turning the direction of my page.

I put down a layer. Turn the page.

Work through a layer. Turn the page.

Paint it on. Rub it off. Turn the page.

Any side leftemilyclineart

It’s a Big Deal


I like a good challenge. I really do. It keeps me feeling awake and alive. Last week, the insanely talented Marianne Morris challenged me to share my art journaling on Facebook for 5 days, I thought “No Big Deal! I share all the time.” But I decided to really step up and challenge myself: no picking and choosing my prettiest or coolest pieces. Just share what’s happening right now. No Big Deal.

So I shared my daily art journaling. For four days, I showed my day-to-day boringness and my works in progress that probably won’t ever get past some pretty awkward stages.

Then I got hung up on something. Emotionally. And I knew I had to journal about it. And then I had to share it. It came from this little blurb I read in TheSkimm January 29:

Sexual assaults on college campuses. Again. Yesterday, a former Stanford University student and swimmer was charged with raping an unconscious woman. The attack allegedly occurred outside and on campus grounds earlier this month. Two bikers riding by reportedly saw what was happening, stopped the student – a 19-year-old male – and restrained him until police arrived. Meanwhile, in other news you wish didn’t exist, earlier this week two former Vanderbilt University football players were convicted of raping an unconscious woman in 2013. Even though the victim has no memory of the attack, Cory Batey and Brandon Vandenburg were convicted thanks to photos and video Vandenburg had on his phone. Two other suspects, also former football players at the school, are facing similar charges.”

I just kept thinking, “That’s not okay. That’s not okay.”

The horrific violation of sexually assaulting someone is NOT OKAY.

I’m not a great writer or researcher. I’m not well versed in the statistics that tell appalling numbers. But I will say, I have my own stories, my own horrible experiences. I wish they didn’t happen. But they did. And it wasn’t okay.

I won’t share the gory details here. No names. I will simply say, bad things happened to me. And to the thousands and thousands of people who have their own terrible memories of being sexually assaulted and/or raped, I am so sorry. If you want to have a conversation, we can; I will. Because secrets steal power and make nightmares and fester disease, depression, and horrible self-hatred. Talking empowers and heals.

It’s a Big Deal.


This is the left half.


This is the right half.

I can share my art journaling. I can stand up to the challenge. I can have the conversation. It’s a Big Deal.

It’s Time to Get Festive!


White Lotus

The annual Larchmont Arts Festival is this Saturday afternoon! Stop by and say ‘hello!’ I’ll be showing and selling my originals, prints, and hand-painted leather cuffs. There will be 60+ artists with fine art, jewelry, food, crafts for kids, even a band!

See you there!

Larchmont Arts Festival

Saturday, September 20; 1:00-5:00 p.m.

Chatsworth Avenue, just east of Boston Post Road (next to the Larchmont Fire Station)

(Rain date is Sunday, September 21.)




Black Lotus


Blue Poppies

More Layers! — from Cover to Cover


I’ve mentioned Seth Apter and his blog The Altered Page before. I don’t mean to go on about him, but I took his Cover to Cover day-long workshop through The Ink Pad in March, at the Westbeth Center in NYC (I used to do theatre at Westbeth!) — and I had the best time! I scored tons of new ideas and ways to use different tools, and got great product info. Beside being a distinct and prolific artist, a kind, patient teacher, Seth is also a unique stencil designer, so I picked up a few — you can too, here, or at The Ink Pad.

Our task for the day was to take the seven (7) recycled, hard-bound book covers and convert them into pieces of art in book form. The book is simply bound — with a ribbon secured through a small slit on the front page — so I can change the order, add, or subtract pages when I want.

Emily-Cline-ArtSeth introduced us to fiber paste which I worked in the piece above. It took a while to dry (as we blew out half the room with our hair dryers!) but it had such a great, rough texture when it cured.


The above piece was a play with inks and washi tape (can you see it?).


Stencil play with flowers, above. The one below was done with a ton of molding paste spread haphazardly with a palette knife.


DSCN2004The page below was created with a zebra-print stencil and molding paste. I spread the paste through the stencil with a palette knife, let it dry, then added color!

DSCN2005 The biggest thing he taught us was to layerlayerlayer! There are no mistakes — if you don’t like what came out? More layers! From cover to cover.


What I Live For



Spent the last five days doing art with my mom, Karel Cline, who was “visiting from Iowa!” as she liked to say. Such a healing, meditative time. In between school pick-up and drop-offs, and a little bit of shopping (everybody loves TJ Maxx!) we listened to chanting music, lit sage and incense, and we had copious amounts of chocolate.


Mom had recently learned about (and picked up lightening fast) zentangle. She shared her small, delicate, intricately woven black and white cards with me, which I immediately photocopied, cut up, and inserted into my work.


Ronit’s Inspiration

My beautiful Israeli-slash-New Jersey art journaling cohort, Ronit Salei joined us Sunday afternoon, for a few hours of heaven.

Women around the table. Crafting. Sharing. It’s what I live for.

Trading Spaces


After an inspiring (one might say almost dizzying) art date with a new artist friend in New Jersey last week, I decided to commandeer studio real space for myself. Since we moved into our latest home, a much smaller house, I’ve been sharing space with my man. That’s my studio — well, part of my studio — the messy area on the left.

emily cline art journaling

Shared sunroom with my man.

My new friend was telling me about the two different studios she has in her (also small) home. I was so envious! And I’ve been worried: I’m going to be going to craft fairs in the next couple of month to sell my prints, but I have no idea where everything is! It’s all smashed into my half of the room.

Enter thoughts about stealing my 7 year old son’s (mostly unused) playroom.

emily cline art journaling

My 7 year old son’s neglected space.

I got all brave (oh yes I did!) and I told my guys (yes, told!) that I was trading spaces. And the next day, after a super-excited sleep-less night, I did. I took over the playroom. There’s room for everything and I even know where my craft sale gear is!

emily cline art journaling

My new studio!

Wish you could come by and see it in person. I’ll put the kettle on.

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain!


“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”


Day 17 of the 30 Day Journal Project

Working on Day 17 of Lisa Sonora Beam’s Root: A 30 Day Journal Project, I’m discovering the glitches in my creative voice. I hear voices — silly little negative voices — that tell me I’m “not a real artist”, what I’m doing isn’t good enough, I have to go to school to become a real artist, and (and here’s my biggie) that I’m not worth anything if I’m not making a lot of money as an artist.

These voices are just my own fears. And really, they’re just like the magician in The Wizard of Oz, the man hiding behind the curtain. He makes it all up. It’s not real. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” he says hoping not to get found out. I’m going to be brave Dorothy, and wear my sparkly, loud, bright shoes in my journey *home*.

And keeping myself accountable, here’s a {PROGRESS REPORT #1:}

*I called my agency and officially took myself off the books. We’re going to start with 3 months off and see how it goes.

*I’ve been working every day in the studio, putting in the time.

*I’m selling prints of my latest piece, Christine’s Ganeesh!

*I have elected not to take college classes this semester because auditing costs the same as credited classes, and with the traveling I’m doing these next few months, I’ll fail simply on absences alone. [At first I felt like I was being a slacker, but then, I realized I could put that time into my studio work. Maybe more valuable (certainly less expensive and stressful) in the long run!]

*I getting daily support from the women at The Brave Girls Club, who are some pretty fabulous women, sharing, doing, and being creative!

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