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Christmas in October



My little classroom that could.

My little classroom that could.

Ever since I stopped acting 9 years ago, I have been working toward this: my own little studio. I have dreamt of teaching art journaling to ‘tweens — to give them a safe space to create freely, to be themselves, to find a place where they can go with their secrets.

Just as strongly, I’ve hoped to reach women. Women who need to be heard, who have value, who have so very much to offer in this world beyond taking care of laundry, meals, homework, and driving to and from soccer practice. Women who had thriving careers until they gave birth, then realized they needed to be home to take care of the little soul they brought into this world, but now, as that little soul grows up and becomes more and more independent, they’re looking at themselves trying to figure out what Chapter 2 is.

Now it’s happening. The ‘tweens come every week. I see their eager faces every Tuesday and my heart swells and soars: this is it! This is how to make a difference!

And today, for the first time, women are coming to art journal. Through incredible support from my generous, patient husband, my Yemma Tribe, by making tough choices that brought me to this town I love so much, and with the magical kismet that brought my wise, patient, talented co-teaching partner (and certified art therapist!) Stefanie Schamber into my life, women are coming to the *table.

We’re gathering our wagons, setting down our burdens, sharing our stories, and picking up pencils, brushes, scissors, and finding our way back to ourselves.

It’s like Christmas here, with all my cousins coming, presents under the tree, and all the lights I could find, hung up around the car port which is now my sweet little classroom that could.


*OUR TABLE: A deeply heartfelt “Thank you!” to the hard-working, believing souls that anchored SPACE ART CENTER here in South Pasadena all these years. I am grateful you’ve entrusted me with the table that has created so much. It will continue to share your dream. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “Christmas in October

  1. Alyssa

    Amazing! You did it! Making your own dream come true while guiding others to dreams they likely didn’t even know were inside them. Break a leg!! I love you!


  2. Barbara white

    I am so proud of you Emily. You are such a gracious loving creative soul you are making a positive change in lives that matter. You are Gods true angelic creature❤️


  3. Kathryn Chandler

    This is wonderful!! Especially the part of cousins and Christmas. We were truly blessed with those memories. Never have been able to recreate them…lyg.


  4. Terry Garrett

    Emily this makes me so so happy. You are doing your dream. I taught art for 36 years 11 years of that was at the Jr High level- loved that well I taught all levels and loved them all- and the last 8 years I taught at the small university here- that was incredible- as you now have experienced- when you see the light go on- that spark that turns into a roaring fire when a student totally gets into it- there is no drug on this earth that can beat that high and the joy it brings to them AND me. Now I teach the occasional workshop- hope to do more of that. I also wanted to mention I grew up in Washington Iowa and went to under grad at UNI. Best of luck to you.


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      You went to UNI?! Small world!! My parents and middle brother went there! Always seemed like a fun school! And I know Washington well — we have family friends that live there — The Moenks. Do you know them? 😉 xo


  5. Terry Garrett

    Hi Emily- so happy for you. My career was teaching art for 36 years- all ages levels- loved it all. As you well know- there is not a drug on this planet that gives a high like seeing the light go on in a student- that spark that ignites the fire within them to create. SO happy you are realizing your goal. best to you.


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      wow, Terry!! That is an amazing resume! What a gift you have been to the (art) community. I’m sure it has been greatly appreciated. And yes — what a thrill. I love their faces — big and small!!


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