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Getting My Craft Fair On in Hollywood!


Banner by moi!

I am all fired up for tomorrow’s craft fair in HOLLYWOOD! My old stomping grounds! Five years ago I lived & loved there, me, my Mister, and our rambunctious little boy.. We were just starting our family and I was just starting my journey as an artist. I never thought it’d become my reality. But it is! I’m an artist. A thriving, surviving artist!

Tomorrow, I’ll be selling some of my new works…


Like “4 Square Stitch” mounted on wood


“be you” on wood


“Green Lotus”, also mounted

I’m also selling some gicleé prints for “PAY WHAT YOU CAN” pricing, my way of connecting more. I was deeply moved and inspired by Amanda Palmer and her book: The Art of Asking. We all have a story to share:

{ I am a thriving artist who wants to share her work! }

What’s your story? In exchange for the pay-what-you-can prices on prints, I ask that you tell me about you. Where or how will you use my art? Is it a gift? Are you an artist yourself? Are you connected to the art journaling world? Share your story with me, and pay what you can.


Masks We Wear


Lady of the Lake


Foster Your Truth

Village Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair: The Village Green, 2700 N. Beachwood Drive, Hollywood, CA, from 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (The flyer says until 6:00 p.m., but as the sun going down, we’ll be heading out.) Beside shopping all the local, independent vendors, there’s fun craft tables and entertainment, too!


Beachwood Canyon Craft Fair

See you there!

4 thoughts on “Getting My Craft Fair On in Hollywood!

  1. Karel Cline

    Oh, but I wish I was a mouse in the corner! How did it go? Will watch my mailbox! Is that the last art fair before Christmas? Oh, hmmmmm, better start Shopping next, Yikes! any suggestions? All’s well here….tree up & decorated! Musical Ball up & playing! Christmas Cards started! The Studio is next….. Think I’ll get my buttocks in gear there next!

    Love & Huggggggssssss ~ Mom


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Thanks, lady! It was a great day! I got to see a bunch of old friends and make new ones! I have two more fairs, the next two weekends. But I’m nearly out of pieces! I gotta put the pedal to the metal this week and make more!! xoxoxo


  2. Lucy Gottelier

    Dear Emily! Great news on your move, and we hope you’re all settled in beautifully! I started working for Emilie and ran the After School pottery painting at SJP last term, and loved it! We then unexpectedly had to return to Europe, so it looks like we’ve made another big move! Anyway, we have been watching House of Cards, and thought of you….then noticed Green Lotus, which we love, and wondered if it is available in print? Best wishes to you all, Lucy Gottelier (from Larchmont / Chatsworth Mom)


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Hi Lucy! Wow. You’ve had a big move too. I hope it’s going all rightand you and your family are adjusting. I’m a little jealous you’re in Europe! 😉 glad to hear you were working with Emilie. You’re so talented!! And it’s fun, isn’t it?
      Thank you for the interest in Green Lotus! I haven’t done any prints yet, but easily could once I get back to CA after Christmas. What size would you like? I can get you a pricing quote once I know the size; shipping is pretty standard at around $15 US. I’m back next Tuesday and as long as the printer is open during the holidays I could get it sent in about one week. Will that work for you?
      You can email me directly at: emilyclineart@gmail.com.
      Happy holidays!! -emily


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