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We All Need a Night Out!


Wayfinding Journals x 3

Not everyone loves art journaling as much as I do — I get it! But we all love and need a night out:  we all need to vent, hang, laugh with others.


October marked our first Ladies Night!{Ladies only} monthly art class at the Plaster Palace, 2005 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont.

So come play! {Ladies only} Art Class every month at Plaster Palace Pottery, 2005 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont.


A Wayfinding Journals’ beginning.

We’ll create our own Wayfinding Journals — journals that help us mark our lives as we go along the way. They’re super simple booklets that hold photos (that we actually print out!), movie stubs, greeting cards, pictures from magazines, even some kids’ art. Each month we’ll go a little further, making pages more personal, more meaningful.


Remembering to breathe

The next one is Thursday, November 6, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Just $10 at the door includes art supplies and M&M’s. Spread the word! Bring your friends, your tea, or a bottle of wine.

But remember to reserve your space with me ‘cuz space is limited — and I know you need that night out!

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