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“Ho, Hey!” Happy Day!


Me, singing and dancing “Ho! Hey!” to my Mister who took the pic at the Larchmont Arts Festival, 2014

Saturday’s Larchmont Arts Festival was a Great Day! It was just so much fun. My art sold — prints, cuffs, iPhone covers, originals, and a couple of commissions! The weather was great. There were tons of people. My husband even came and stayed, taking pictures and rearranging my table every ten minutes. My good friend Kelly Collet helped keep me calm, just like she last time.


Sophie and Hatcher loved the crafts and face painting.


Bridget’s bobbles!

And the incredible jeweler Bridget Montefiore was there, just like before, only this time, she was right next to me, so we passed friends and customers back and forth. (And just like last time, I spent most of my earnings on her pieces!)

A great, happy Day! My deepest gratitude to all who showed, shared, and supported!

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