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“Yes!” to Dina Wakley



emilyclineartDina Wakely, artist, author, {teacher (on-line) and (in person)}, and paint, stencil, stamp and brush designer makes art journaling look so effortless! This past weekend at The Ink Pad’s sponsored workshops, I got to play in “Dinaland”, learn about “The Gospel According to Dina”, and meet a whole buncha fabulous beautiful new friends!

I was lucky enough to get into all four classes:  Beyond the Ink Pad, Conquering Color, Layering and Listening, and Delightful Painted Deli Paper. I loved them all mainly because Dina makes you feel right at home — except there’s no whining, no (over)thinking, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do! “It’s play!”, she says. “Listen to me. I’ll walk you through it. Make mistakes!” And the answer to anything and everything? “YES!”


It’s hard for me to trust the white space — I want to fill the whole page!

In any workshop, I do my best to follow the teacher and just try, for the day, their way. I’m always surprised!

Dina (Deeeena, not Dīna, Waaake-ly, not Wack-ly) usually has about 5 journal pages going at a time; we worked 2 pages at a time, allowing for drying and cross-pollination of ideas, marks, and collage elements. The below pictures are a few of the 25 layers we did Sunday.


Just the beginning — about 4 or 5 layers in.


Added Jessica Sporn’s hamsa stencil.


Next big yellow circles that we scribbled in.


Big loopy letters — barely seen here, but they showed up really well later on.


Painted around a bird mask.


Added doodles and dots and itty bitty pen lines.

I didn’t think we could do it, but we did — 25 LAYERS! — in about 1/2 hour! Then we cut the page into circles and layered it on another quickly dialed up background. Threw in a lil’ journaling, and a stamped focal element, and voila!


End of day happy!


Me and Dina. One of the worst pictures ever — Complete with finger over the lens!

Dina’s so open and personal with her self and her creativity — you feel like you’re besties. I think I’ll have to get her yummy paints (buttery rich with pigment!), bristly brushes, stencils and fun, easy stamps, and maybe even her on-line face class! “YES!”

***P.S. Special shout to Anna and The Ink Pad gang for 16 years of fabulous, NYC store-dom! Bravo! We love you!***

***Come visit me at the Larchmont Arts Festival this Saturday here in Larchmont, NY, 1:00 – 5:00. (Raindate is Sunday.) Along with 60+ artists, I will be selling original art pieces, prints, and leather cuffs. ***

***Art Journaling for ‘Tweens starts next week, September 22, 4:00-6:00 p.m. at Plaster Palace Potter, Palmer Avenue, Larchmont. $25/2 hour class; $20 if you bring a sibling! Must be 10-15 years old. No experience needed! More info here. Email me to reserve a spot!***

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