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Johnny C. Shining Through


At a friend’s house recently, I glanced at the bookshelves and discovered a photography book there by Sante D’Orazio, called “A Private View: Photographs and Diary”. I had worked with Sante back in the day, so I picked it up.

One of the first things I noticed was the dedication. Of the three people listed there, one was “Johnny C.” — an Englishman who was a very dear friend of mine back in the day. Johnny broke hearts all over the world when he died just under 40 years young, from brain cancer. The photos of him in the back of the book are gorgeous snapshots — him laughing, goofing, glowing his love-filled self.. He truly was one of the most vibrant, alive, kind people I have ever encountered. John didn’t bring the party — he was the party!

Full of memories, I sat down and started art journaling.


(This happened.)

I posted it on Instagram later that day — without mentioning Johnny or Sante’s book — and another very dear friend Nick, one of Johnny’s closest friends, messaged me that he loved and had to have the piece — something he’s never said before. (Nick is also British — full of hilarious, dry wit. Usually I get the obvious “It’s a bird, innit!” kinda comments that always make me smile.) So I privately messaged him, told him the story, and he reiterated he would love it. He had “no idea there was Johnny C connection but something shone from it”!

My mind is blown. My heart is full: Johnny C. is shining though.

And Nick? It’s on it’s way!


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