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More Layers! — from Cover to Cover


I’ve mentioned Seth Apter and his blog The Altered Page before. I don’t mean to go on about him, but I took his Cover to Cover day-long workshop through The Ink Pad in March, at the Westbeth Center in NYC (I used to do theatre at Westbeth!) — and I had the best time! I scored tons of new ideas and ways to use different tools, and got great product info. Beside being a distinct and prolific artist, a kind, patient teacher, Seth is also a unique stencil designer, so I picked up a few — you can too, here, or at The Ink Pad.

Our task for the day was to take the seven (7) recycled, hard-bound book covers and convert them into pieces of art in book form. The book is simply bound — with a ribbon secured through a small slit on the front page — so I can change the order, add, or subtract pages when I want.

Emily-Cline-ArtSeth introduced us to fiber paste which I worked in the piece above. It took a while to dry (as we blew out half the room with our hair dryers!) but it had such a great, rough texture when it cured.


The above piece was a play with inks and washi tape (can you see it?).


Stencil play with flowers, above. The one below was done with a ton of molding paste spread haphazardly with a palette knife.


DSCN2004The page below was created with a zebra-print stencil and molding paste. I spread the paste through the stencil with a palette knife, let it dry, then added color!

DSCN2005 The biggest thing he taught us was to layerlayerlayer! There are no mistakes — if you don’t like what came out? More layers! From cover to cover.



8 thoughts on “More Layers! — from Cover to Cover

    1. emilyclineart Post author

      yes!! I had seen his work and classes, but after Heather raved about his workshop in CA, I had to check him out and wow! So glad I did!! Congrats on your workshop last weekend!! Can’t hardly wait until I can go to one too! I bet you are a fantastic teacher! :)))


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Yes, Barbara — how can you not?! So grateful for my class with him through The Ink Pad. He’s such a positive, creative voice in my life now!:) Looking forward to Dina Wakley in September!


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