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Dan Eldon: His Journey, My Inspiration


The very kind, generous, and talented New York artist/teacher Seth Apter is working with Dan Eldon‘s online presence creating a tribute to Dan and the enormous creativity and expression he inspired with his life and journals. An avid traveler, aid missionary, artist/art journalist, and photojournalist, Dan died tragically — way, way too young — murdered in Somalia at age 22.

I was greatly moved by Dan and his work when I first started art journaling. My story, contributed to The Journey is the Inspiration, is here:


I highly recommend you read all of the other stories and take in their work, too. They’re profound and amazing. Just like Dan was.

Get all the inspiration:




6 thoughts on “Dan Eldon: His Journey, My Inspiration

  1. ronitneemansalei

    What a great tribute, what a great idea Emily!!! I heard Dan Eldon’s name previously, but I am so glad that I saw the book when I visited you… that even connects me more to you, by learning your story and knowing more about you. I am sure I am getting the book and I will read the other stories as well. Thank you! ❤

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  2. emilyclineart Post author

    Thanks, Ronit! It wasn’t my idea in the slightest — I heard about the tribute through Seth. His book and work is so beautiful and profound — still shocks me today. And yes! The “red” — or “Woman on Fire”, as I call her — I think that was my subconscious trying to find you!! :))


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