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Up close and personal.

Things have been a little thick lately. I’m going through it whole-heartedly. It’s messy. It’s not so pretty.


Finding beings.

I’ve been looking for My Masters to appear in my work. I was feeling like other art journalists find their Guides easily while mine just don’t show themselves easily, if at all. In reality, I think I needed to slow down and listen. They’re there.


They show up when I listen.



9 thoughts on “Listening.

  1. ronitneemansalei

    This is amazing Emily! I keep looking at it! I do see the Masters in your work! I so know what you are talking about, because I was ‘there’ for many years.. I truly believe that every artist goes through his own process of digging into the own soul. to each his own pace. But you have to experiment to get there. On the other hand there is no ‘there’. It is the search. this is IT. and yes, listening is the right word. I am thankful that you are sharing it


  2. apaperbear

    This is stunning. Yes, you are finding your master! It is there. It takes time. Listen. It took me a lot of damn ugly pages to finally listen and finally make some decent pages. Do the work it takes time. Even a little a day helps. Keep at it! This is gorgeous. We ALL keep going, changing, creating.


  3. MEO

    Emily, I’m continually inspired by the heart and truth telling of your posts and by the beauty of your Art. Much appreciation for the timely reminder today…putting it through my own lenses: my Guides and Helpers are always present. As you are finding, just slow down and listen. I would add (for me) that I need to keep asking for help, embracing the truth “I am not alone!”. And continually embodying the Practice of saying “YES” to generosity in all of its forms! Honoring you and sending you love, ongoing…MEO


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Thank you, Meo! I’m so glad to hear from you — I gasped out loud! :)) I get so fast-and-furious-and-“busy”, trying to get it all in, but it’s actually counter-productive to my work! Thanks for the reminders.. xoxoxoxo


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