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Retirement is. Okay


Look what my mess brought in.


Where the mess gets made.

My son asked me in the car yesterday, “Mom, how do you like your retirement?” He means my {trial? temporary? year long?} retirement after 25 years as a model and actor. “It’s… Okay.”, I answered, thinking.  It is. Okay.

I miss the money.  But I have been selling more of my art lately, on canvas, journal, and bracelet/cuff form. I’ve found more creativity in my (almost daily) practice and a much stronger voice.

I eat what I want. I’m enjoying meals. I work out when I can.  I really. don’t. miss. constantly worrying about being thin and fit.

I’m recognizing I am a full time mother first, and an artist second. Though I still struggle with mommy-ness, I’m thrilled my son (finally) enjoys reading, does well in math and spelling, plays hard, is kind to others, and told me last week, right before his 8th birthday that he’s happy.

Retirement is. Okay.


River of color


9 thoughts on “Retirement is. Okay

  1. MaryAnn Ready

    Retirement isn’t just ok, Ms Emily … it’s glorious!!! For me that is and from the look of your art … retirement suits you. I do believe.


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Okay, MaryAnn, okay!! You got me laughing! Wouldn’t it be fun if we lived closer?! I have a friend who lives near you — a wonderful woman who’s about as funny and kind and smart as the day is long. May I e-introduce you two??


      1. MaryAnn

        While I’ve said It would be such great fun; I’ll add to that I would love to e-meet your friend. She sounds swell.
        E-Who? E-Where?


      2. emilyclineart Post author

        My friend, Barbara White, lives in Gig Harbor as well. I shot an independent film in Seattle 7 years ago. She’s good friends with the film’s director and family, and allowed us to shoot in her beautiful home. Somehow in there we became long-distance friends! I meet up with her every once in a while and we keep up on FB. She’s delightful, smart, and inspiring — just like you! I’ll connect you two on Facebook! 🙂


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