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What I Live For



Spent the last five days doing art with my mom, Karel Cline, who was “visiting from Iowa!” as she liked to say. Such a healing, meditative time. In between school pick-up and drop-offs, and a little bit of shopping (everybody loves TJ Maxx!) we listened to chanting music, lit sage and incense, and we had copious amounts of chocolate.


Mom had recently learned about (and picked up lightening fast) zentangle. She shared her small, delicate, intricately woven black and white cards with me, which I immediately photocopied, cut up, and inserted into my work.


Ronit’s Inspiration

My beautiful Israeli-slash-New Jersey art journaling cohort, Ronit Salei joined us Sunday afternoon, for a few hours of heaven.

Women around the table. Crafting. Sharing. It’s what I live for.


7 thoughts on “What I Live For

  1. ronitneemansalei

    Oh beautiful friend! First- how lucky you are to spend this quality time with mom! I have no doubt you cherish this time with her… second- I am so honored I inspire you in any way.. that feels so great! And what about how much you inspire me, with your fearless approach, you are diving into all this gorgeousness of colors, with no planning, not too much thinking (oh my.. you know what I am talking about),you let your pure instincts of goodness appear in your work! how brave, and looks so beautiful!


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Thank you thank you thank you!! Sunday was a magical day. I was thinking later today I should have called you my “East Coast art-journaling life-line!” I’m lucky and honored to have time with Mom — and you! Looking forward to our next “date”!


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