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Craftcation 2014: Lookit at What I Found!


I made this flying to CA — a little pre- conference ya-ya exorcism.

I recently attended Craftcation, a kind-of make-your-art-your-business conference held in Ventura, CA. I almost didn’t go — it was a 5-day long conference, plus travel, babysitter (at home), and other expenses — a hefty trip! And I wasn’t sure what I’d find there.



Me and Heather Arndt at Craftcation 2014

I found a renewal of sisterhood friendship.


RubyShea = art by Emily Cline

I found RubyShea‘s new brand.


Morning hike.

I found gorgeous morning hikes in my beloved California hills.


Me and Michelle E. Black of RePurposed


Erin Dollar (Cotton and Flax) and I

I found more like-minded crazy artists like myself.

I found fun, smart, artistic businesses and blogs that thrive!

  • *Agapantha (gorgeous, handmade jewelry)
  • *Cotton and Flax (cute handmade pillows)
  • *KP Werker (Writer, editor of “Make it Mighty Ugly” –how to embrace the ugly side of your business)
  • *Makes and Takes (super user-friendly, fun activities for kids)
  • *ManMadeDIY (blog for crafty DIY-kinda men)
  • *PapernStitch (a pretty blog about DIY making and crafting)
  • *RePurposed and MishkaBlack by Michelle E. Black (vintage-y, handmade photos printed on wood)
  • *Salvage Life (vintage and new clothing and accessories — and kick a** help with branding!)

And then I found myself rushing home to a sick little guy who missed his mommy almost as much as she missed him.


My sick lil’ guy.

And I’m sure I’ll find myself there again next year, with my business thriving!



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