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Finding Community, Gratitude (Inbetween the Parenthesis)


emily cline art journaling

During my (second chance) art date with (my special new friend) Ronit last week, I started the above piece.

emily cline art journaling

I didn’t really get very far. In fact, that was pretty much it (above).

emily cline art journaling

I was eating (too much) of her (incredibly healthy and delicious) “goodies”.

emily cline art journaling

I was talking (too much) and listening (with heart in hand) to her (gorgeous, well traveled, life-loved) stories.

emily cline art journaling

But I had a chance to return to it yesterday, after a (truly heart-breaking) funeral of a (much too young) woman here in town; she was a doctor and fellow (soccer) mom. After that, (the second funeral in 4 days) and I thought of how much Community (with a capital C) really means to me.

Community with a couple of Facebook groups — What Did You Make Today? and A Stand for Art Journaling — keep me (deeply) connected to other creatives. An (afternoon) art date with one person can change my outlook. My gratitude overflows.


6 thoughts on “Finding Community, Gratitude (Inbetween the Parenthesis)

      1. odilonvert

        Yes – starting to get one in LA (filmmakers, photographers, cinephiles, hoping to add dancers and musicians, perhaps… some… actors too) – but my base community is on the internet. Totally saves me too!


  1. ronitneemansalei

    Oh Emily, I only read it now… I so feel for you! and you are so right in your thoughts regarding the importance of belonging to Community… I’ve only known you for a short time, knowing for sure what a great force you are in a Community!


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