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Trading Spaces


After an inspiring (one might say almost dizzying) art date with a new artist friend in New Jersey last week, I decided to commandeer studio real space for myself. Since we moved into our latest home, a much smaller house, I’ve been sharing space with my man. That’s my studio — well, part of my studio — the messy area on the left.

emily cline art journaling

Shared sunroom with my man.

My new friend was telling me about the two different studios she has in her (also small) home. I was so envious! And I’ve been worried: I’m going to be going to craft fairs in the next couple of month to sell my prints, but I have no idea where everything is! It’s all smashed into my half of the room.

Enter thoughts about stealing my 7 year old son’s (mostly unused) playroom.

emily cline art journaling

My 7 year old son’s neglected space.

I got all brave (oh yes I did!) and I told my guys (yes, told!) that I was trading spaces. And the next day, after a super-excited sleep-less night, I did. I took over the playroom. There’s room for everything and I even know where my craft sale gear is!

emily cline art journaling

My new studio!

Wish you could come by and see it in person. I’ll put the kettle on.


6 thoughts on “Trading Spaces

  1. MaryAnn

    GFY, Girl…..taking charge and having fun doing it. I’m sure your guys w b most happy for you when big bucks start rolling in! Good luck selling the gorgeous prints!


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