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Home is Where My Heart Is

emily cline art journaling

My boys and I put dots on the palms of our hands so we feel connected all day.

In the past four years, my family and I have moved a lot. I thought our house in the Hollywood Hills was our forever home and I found great comfort and happiness in that. I grew up living in one house; I was sure my son would too. But then we started moving — first to Hartsdale, NY, then to Larchmont, then again in Larchmont. And we’re not done. But one thing I do know for certain: home is where my heart is; where I am with my boys.

It’s in my art journaling, too. I find peace inside myself and am comforted when I journal. Some find it when they exercise, some when they pray, some when they shop. Mine is in my pages.


Double page spread from art date with Tracey Clem in San Diego last week. I threw everything at those pages!


Art journaling page on our flight from San Diego to JFK.

No matter where I am, I find that “ahhh” place — I breathe differently, stress dissapates, and I feel all right with the world.

emily cline art journaling

My art journal in baggage claim at JKF. That’s my 7 year old’s shadow, helping with the shot.

Even when I’m on the road “home”.


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