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Christine’s Ganeesh


I’ve known Christine Dimmick (inspired creator of *The Good Home Company which makes eco-friendly, delicious cleaning and fragrance products) for over 15 years. Although I haven’t seen her in (too) many years, we keep in touch on Facebook.

Christine Dimmick's Good Home Company

The Good Home Company

Emily Cline Art

Christine’s Dimmick and her gorgeous homemade eggplant-colored scarf

Recently she posted a selfie of this gorgeous eggplant-colored scarf she hand knitted with this beautiful organic yarn she found at a NYC Farmer’s Market. I fell in love — it’s my favorite color! — and told her so. She confessed to enjoying my artwork and suggested a trade: handmade scarf for handmade artwork.

EEEEEK! I can’t do that! I can’t! What if she doesn’t like it?! I won’t know what to do! 

“Yes! Of course, Christine! I’d love to!”

Wait. What did I just say?? No. No. I. did. not. just. say. “yes”!  Yes, yes I did. I committed to the impossible: making an art piece for someone I haven’t seen for years, someone I know has impeccable, discerning taste. Now I’ve done it.

emily cline art

Panic time!

But I did it. I actually did it!

emily cline art

Christine’s Ganeesh

And I love it. Especially loved the process. I asked her to list a few things she and her family like, (she said Ganeesh, sanscrit, coral and blue), and took into consideration who she is (smart, spiritual, creator of beauty). And once the panic subsided, I started in. Now, a month and a half later, I have her scarf, and I don’t want to stop on her art piece! But I’m feeling guilty since it’s cold and I’m wearing her scarf (daily!) and she has an empty space on her walls. Oh, and she’s threatening me with scary little movies of what’ll happen to me if I don’t get it done.

So, after taking it’s picture today as a reminder of what I can do when I say “yes”, I’ll mail Christine’s Ganeesh to New York City. Where hopefully he’ll hang on her walls mirroring the light Christine gives off.

Emily Cline Art

Close up (right), Christine’s Ganeesh

Emily Cline Art

Close up (left) of Christine’s Ganeesh

*The Good Home Company is having a great sale! Get yourself set for the new year with a store-wide 20% off now! Use #Coupon when you check out! 

3 thoughts on “Christine’s Ganeesh

  1. christine dimmick

    I love you Emily Cline and I love my Ganesh and I am just humbled you included me and Good Home in your blog. FYI Many years ago you gave me a card – painted – with a girl holding a sunflower – for my Birthday. It is framed and I have kept it all these years. I find it very symbolic that 20 years later you are now creating your own work. I am so proud to have your artwork hang in my apartment and promise to care for your creation as I have the card. xoxoxo


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