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Waste Not, Want Not


I went to an art class/gathering last Friday night with a friend at “Picasso’s Corner“. It was a really fun night, with only a few people in a back-alley room that doubles as a rehearsal studio and gallery. We had wine, cheese, salami, crackers, and way too many M&M’s.

Emily Cline Art

Shining Soul — this is what I came up with in class. It’s going to live in Missouri with a beautiful woman on her own journey of healing.

We were given a canvas, a paper plate with blobs of paint, two brushes, and and 3 hours. That’s what I came up with (above): “Shining Soul”. It was crazy how we all had such unique, different visions; we brought ourselves into our paintings. Our painting’s evolutions were great to see.

Being the “waste not, want not” kinda Midwestern girl, I couldn’t just throw away all my extra paint. So I used my “Side Kick” (or as Orly Avineri calls it, “Psychic”) journal next to me for the excess. I kept swirling it and rubbing it in, making a couple of rich, deeply colored grounds.

1003042_664449880256269_1820410312_n 993695_664449910256266_1684671168_nI came back to them yesterday, with Stencil Girls‘ stencils by Jessica Sporn. Adding in a great deal of journaling about spirit, faith, and life and this is what came out. It’s hard to see by the photo, but the meditator is actually on a half page that stands alone. I have yet to do the backside of that half page. Maybe that’s another class.


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