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Mine for the Asking


I had my yearly self-imposed Missouri art retreat this past week. Me and a few art-minded friends met at my parents house and made art. We take over the dining room table, drink (too much) wine, shop the outlets, watch and re-watch movies, and have 7 days and nights of full emersion therapy. There’s nothing like it. It’s something I’ve hoped and worked for years to create. And now I have it. It was just for the asking.


The dinner table transformed.


Minny-soda push pin gift.


Sitting on the dock at happy hour!

We give each other small gifts, we take long walks along curvy roads, we cheer on the Cardinals (and Dodgers this year!), we eat a lot of junk food (like insanely gooey CHEESE DIP), we dance, we sit on the dock.

We cry.  We laugh. so. hard. we. can’t. breathe.

But mostly, we simply make art.

This year, I brought my new passion: homemade resin paper journal. I made my first journal about 3 weeks ago, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to store-bought ones. The resin paper takes on a fabric-like feel once I layer on the gesso, paint, paper, and gel medium. These are some of my pages.


Homemade resin journal.


Resin journal starting to fill up.


Resin journal: (left) gesso-ed page; (right) deli paper with gelli plate print, inserted into the resin journal with gel medium.


Journal page with a gelli plate ground, shot with Instagram.


Gelli-plated deli paper with a stencil by Jessica Sporn.


Gelli-plated deli paper with Balzer Designs stencils.


Resin journal page: Balzer Design stencil on deli paper, with “Over” app writing superimposed.


Resin journal page with paints, inks, and an Instagram filter. The bottom right and left corners have Lake of The Ozarks map pieces cut in. The rectangle in the middle is a piece of paper we found with my dad’s writing on it. Just had to put it in there somewhere!

I’m going to be making more journals, if you’d like one, let me know. I’m asking $10 to cover supplies and shipping. Yours for the asking.

2 thoughts on “Mine for the Asking

  1. Karel Cline

    Why of course, I want one!! Such imaginative, beautiful, color filled pages! I can hardly wait to start! Love you BAZILLIONS!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO ~ me


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