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Holding Their Beauty



In my Art Journaling Club yesterday, while they explored in their journals, I played with 3-D-ness. This beautiful butterfly (above) was my place card at a wedding a couple of years ago (Joe & Nicole Martorano Mitacek — who just had a baby!). I loved it then, love it still, and didn’t want to toss it when I took it off my wall of inspiration as I move studios. There are so many things in my life like this, little bits and pieces. What to do with them? Stick them in my Wayfinding Journal and I remember my friends, their big day, and I get to hold their beauty.

photo-267This page I did in our first class. I was showing them ripping, glueing, stamping, simply mixing up elements. I’ll write on it later. That’s something they struggle with — writing their feelings. Are they afraid someone will see?


One thought on “Holding Their Beauty

  1. Marilynn Kirkpatrick

    Not afraid someone will see – afraid it won’t end up looking like the vision in their mind and they will be disappointed. Teach them how to cover up their “mistakes,” and they will “play” with abandon!


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