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Craft Day with Sparrow Brooklyn


I am lucky to have many, very dear, crafty friends. But none of them live near me. Except for one. She lives in Brooklyn, works (more than) full time for Time Out New York, has an adorable, vivacious, 4 year old son, and a very talented, on-the-verge actor husband. Melissa Keller is full-time swamped. We rarely get time to play. Until yesterday.

I needed to return her easel and share my son’s old bike. “I’ll bring my craft stuff and the boys can play while we do art. Wanna??” Somehow, in the chaos of her husband leaving on another great job, doing laundry, and celebrating birthdays, she made space.

Frame by Melissa Keller

Birthday gift frame by Melissa Keller. Pictured (l to r) is: Ruth-Ann Geise, Emily Cilne, Melissa Keller — a formidable friendship trio!

When our friendship began years ago, she’d make little gifts like the above frame. Thoughtful, special, gorgeous! She had just returned to the States from living in Paris. She was taking art classes, living an artistic, vibrant life. She set the bar for me — very high.

Melissa Keller artwork

Melissa’s “Almost Asleep” poster

I was producing theatrical plays in NYC, and she kindly said “yes!” to anything I begged for. She made postcards, the did all the programs, she even made the above poster — I couldn’t have asked for better collaboration.

Melissa Keller artwork

Goodbye card by Melissa Keller

When our trio of friends split up through moves, Melissa made a goodbye card that stunned: NYC, friendship collaged. She started her full-time job about then, and her creative time moved aside. She worked with jewelry, something she continues easily, effortlessly to this day, selling at her Etsy shop, Sparrow Brooklyn. (I have many of her pieces and love them all!)

Back to yesterday’s craft date — Melissa hadn’t had her sketch books or journals out for years. And years. But this woman does not miss a beat. We pulled everything out on the floor.

crafting with Melissa Keller

Sunday Craft Day with Melissa

Then she dove right in!

Melissa Keller playtime

I love how she dove right in with vibrant deep red, fluorescent pink, gold beetle pop!

Melissa Keller artwork

Contrast kapow! with turquoise, fluorescent red, crosses, bronze, and gold.

Hopefully soon, she’ll be creating full-time for herself. Until then, you might have to catch glimpses of her here, or wear her pieces from Sparrow Brooklyn!


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