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Discovering Black Gesso

black gesso

This is where the black gesso lives.

I was working on a piece last week, taking my time, loving it. There are so few moments I get moments to linger. But as I was working, I felt something wasn’t right.

before black gesso

What’s missing?

So I dared myself: Go black.

black gesso

Taking my own dare to try black gesso.

And I kept going. Filling in the empty spaces.

black gesso

More black gesso = good!

I always use white gesso when I start. Giving the page tooth, it also gets my hands moving so I’m working without thinking. Sometimes I’ll use white gesso to cover things up or to soften the deliberate, obviousness of a page. Once in a blue moon I’ll break out the colored gesso that Suzy Foy gifted me in Puerto Vallarta Mexico (uh huh, 4 years ago: I am a craft hoarder).

But it was only a coupla weeks ago I bought black gesso. It’s sooo black. It is the mattest, flattest black ever. Everything’s gone. I tried a couple of times using it like I do white gesso — starting with the black page, but for I had fear of the blank page — I felt it wasn’t blank. It was already full of everything — completely dense in blackness. Filling in, like I did above, seems a decent way to begin discovering.


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