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My 1st Orly Class

Emily Cline Art's work in progress from Orly Avineri's art journaling workshop

February, 2013, Santa Barbara, CA

My first near-miss with Orly Avineri was last year about this time for ArtFest 2012. I couldn’t fit her class in, but I saw her — and her beautiful daughter — gliding about with this special kind of {something} about them: all things seemed gentle and peaceful. I hoped to study with her soon!

The next slide-by was in Glastonbury with another fabulous ArtFest artist/teacher discovery of mine, Erin Faith Allen. Erin facilitated the Call of the Wild Soul late last September, unfortunately, with job changes, birthdays, and hurricanes, soon approaching, I couldn’t get there either.

But the goddesses were with me: last weekend, I experienced my first Orly Avineri class. (*sigh*) Soooooo goooooood. Grounded, gentle, wise, funny, patient, clear, and insightful, I could sit, watch, and listen to her for days. Which is just what I plan to do. This was only my First Orly class.

(Special thanks to facilitator/chef Darcy, my LA host and driver Heather Arndt, co-pilot Lori Vuckovich, our brave and fearless co-workshoppers, and Huck, dog extra-ordinaire. What a perfect day.)


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