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Back to reality

Back from London. Back from Erin Faith Allen’s Soul Portrait Empowerment Workshop weekend. Back from surreality.


My first piece during the workshop. Erin leads us through ahhh-mazing meditations or visualizations or prayers — wheatever you call it. You hush into yourself, then become a conduit for whatever wants to come out. Without thinking or questioning.


A detail from the above piece.Image

The wings are connected to my arms.Image

Second piece — from a time when everything felt right.Image

When I’m “en circle” with my sisters, everything feels right. I feel I can be strong and true, like a Warrior of Light.

6 thoughts on “Back to reality

    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Thank you, Carrie! (You were with us in spirit!) I like sections of this piece for those reasons, but as a whole, I find it doesn’t really come together. But, I guess that’s what/who we are… pieces that create a whole. Still working on liking self as a whole, I guess. đŸ™‚


  1. Sandra Burgess

    Emily, your first piece is amazing so many layers. It really shows how many layers there are to us as people… love your work always has been great you are an amazing person…..


  2. Karel Cline

    Love, love , LOVE the art! Your art work is so amazing! So happy you were able to go to London… Keep up the good work, my dearest! So proud of y o!!! XOXOXO ~ me

    Sent from my iPad


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