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From gather & giggle


It started off in a familiar way… People canceling because they had family duties, were sick (“It” is going around!), or just wanted to go enjoy such an incredible day! I get it. I totally do. But as I was sitting in the studio, all ready, supplies gleaming, my heart started sinking.
Scott (also sick with “It”) came in for his usual bout of support. “It’s such a beautiful day..” “I know, I know…” “Maybe you should have it on a Friday night?” “I just did. Remember last time?” “Oh yeah….” He soon retreated to his sick bed.
And I sat. I started working, forgetting I felt bad no one was there, and maybe 5 minutes later, there was a voice. “Hello..?” They were coming. Hooray! The table was filled. All newcomers. And the best compliment? “This felt like therapy!” Yeah. It really did.


11 thoughts on “From gather & giggle

    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Hi, Marilynn!
      Yes, the original will be for sale in two weeks. (I’m traveling the next two weeks and simply doubt I can get it out the door before then!) It will be $50 (plus $7 shipping). Or, if you prefer, I can order you a print: 5 x 7 is $12, 9 x 12 is $20, (plus $7 shipping). Let me know if you’re interested! Thanks for your interest! ~Emily


  1. emilyclineart

    Great! I’ll set it aside for you. You can mail a check ($57) to me. What’s your address so I can send it to you? Also, as I said before, I am going on the road (New Orleans, Hawaii, LA) this week for about two weeks. I will do my best to get it out before I leave, but it might not happen, so I would send it as soon as I return. But I’ll try to get it out asap! Thank you! ~Emily


  2. Marilynn Kirkpatrick

    Wow! Have a fun two weeks! How could you not in those exotic places? I will send you my address and check by snail mail. I really don’t want to post it here. Will be happy to wait for the shipment until after you return. Thanks!


      1. Marilynn Kirkpatrick

        Shipment received. Love the piece! And thanks for the bonus print too. We will enjoy both of them.


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