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Flying always does me right


Flying to LA (*yeaaa!*) yesterday, I’d had enough of packing and cleaning and whining and arranging and end-of-a-school year stress. I plugged my son into his movie. I pulled out my visual journal and I tuned in. Or, out, depending on your perspective. I played and breathed.
My man and I were at odds, totally out of sync, and he scolded me for using my paint pens, saying they smelled too much and can’t possibly be allowed on flights. I kept working, sticking my figurative middle finger in the air. This was my time.
Flying always does me right.


One thought on “Flying always does me right

  1. Nick

    What is amazing about this is that I too can fly. I thought it was just me but there is something about the configuration of my body which means I can actually fly. Quite fast and quite high as well. Taking copious amounts of hallucinogenic drugs also helps and I find enhances the entire experience. I fly sometimes to lands that I thought only exist in my mind, like Atlantis but on a cloud with a tantric display of different skies and planets held together with silken string pulled by baby unicorns. What impresses me is your ability to paint AND fly. Maybe it is because I am a man and cannot multi-task.


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