emily cline art

gettin' my ya-ya's out

sussing out


the voice that’s in there somewhere


Author: emilyclineart

from West Liberty, Iowa to South Pasadena, CA; collage artist/visual journalist, actor, model, wife, mom, and feline princess.

5 thoughts on “sussing out

  1. OMG… I truly love it! Free! Perfect colors! Strong but quiet background. Super great composition! Enough, but NOT too much… (art talk, you know) Sooooo much like I would love to do. The freedom is wonderful… it’s like a dance… twirling & spinning & strong & happy! I think I can hear the music!? Beautiful, dearest daughter! And I honestly love it!! Wondering what size it is?
    Mostest. xo


  2. wow. Thank you, teacher/mother/goddess. It came through quickly and (fairly) easily, unlike everything else I was working with today! :/ It’s 11 x 14, I think. Seems I have to start working on a larger scale than I have been before. Go figure.!


  3. Ok is that seriously your mother?! I think I love her too:)
    I love the combo of strong (background) and soft and delicate (flower). I also like its simplicity.


  4. So lovely!


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