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beginning again, anew


The great (and awful) thing about taking classes with insanely creative, wildly liberating teachers (like Flora Bowley, Jesse Reno) is that they get in your head and throw you off your technique. That’s why I took the classes and workshops: I wanted to break out of my habits and try new ways of working. And success! I have! I’ve broken out of my old molds. Hooray! But now that I have… How do I paint? How do I work? What is it that I do?


6 thoughts on “beginning again, anew

  1. Tracy Verdugo

    tell your stories Em, your beautiful, unique, unsure, illuminating, confused, soul searching stories, speak what is truly you…..are you coming to my Sacred Marks workshop in Connecticut? Much more on this there….I’m building the workshop around that very question as its something I’ve thought a lot on too and with the creative explosion happening I think its really important to be able to recognise, claim and make art that comes from deep in your own wellspring
    love Tracy x


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Thanks for the support, Tracy. You were mentioned several times at ArtFest! I have the CT retreat in my book… It’s right around my birthday and my man is requesting time for celebration! (Please come!) Have to figure the timing of it all out…


      1. Tracy Verdugo

        We’ll definitely meet up somehow. I’ll be in New York for 10 days after CT..first with Louise Gale and then with Sallianne McClelland….would love to come to your birthday celbration! Let me know when you have dates sorted!


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