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Starting ATC’s for Artfest


I’m headed to Artfest in 2 weeks, and through it’s Facebook page, I’m finding out people get together the first night and trade. They trade art, prints, –goodies of all kinds. Most popular is ATC’s: Artist Trading Cards. Like business cards, only a little bigger, they are handmade works by an artist. Yes, I’m a little late to the game (especially considering there are hundreds if participants!), but I’ll give it my best.

This is my beginning. Putting gesso on paper…


9 thoughts on “Starting ATC’s for Artfest

  1. Sandra Messner Burgess

    Have fun and keep up the great work I really enjoy watching your new art. Take care have fun at the artfest cant wait to hear what all you learn and see.


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Thank you! I’m all nervous about going to a 4 day event where I don’t know a soul and it’s all about being free and creative. eee! Hope you are well and enjoying the incredible weather out there!


  2. Sandra Messner Burgess

    The weather here in Missouri is great. I did a 3 day show was so much fun you’ll love it I’m sure. Creativity just shines whatever kind it is. Love watching yours grow and change keep it up.


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