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It’s honest and it’s beautiful. (Thank you, Tiffany.)


One of my intentions for the year is to be more open and forgiving. (You know my word/mantra/theme for 2012 is “Forgiveness”.) In that spirit, I asked my dear friend Tiffany Cade Santiago to do a guest blog post for me. I knew it would be creative and unique, but I never imagined it would be *this* full — of wonder, beauty, authenticity. Of course, her bravery and honesty is helping me raise my own bar. Thank you, Tiffany. I adore you. Enjoy! (oh, and be sure to click on the photo — it’s even more stunning blown up!)

“Some days are just hard –  this was one of those days.  What I often create is not pretty, but I’m getting better about expressing myself. Most of the things I make wind up in the trash because I get so frustrated with myself. I’m so unbelievably honored and baffled as to why Em asked me to do a guest blog, and I’m nervous as hell.

I reluctantly showed Jeff, my husband, this painting before I sent it out into the world.  I told him it was from one of my journal entries and I warned him that it wasn’t pretty. “In fact”, I told him, “it’s pretty ugly.” He put his arm around me so lovingly and said, “Tiff, It’s honest, therefore it’s beautiful.” I cried. He held me. And I told myself, yes it’s honest, it’s hoNEST. I know how to do honest. I’m good at being honest. I need to color my honesty more, get it down on paper, and remember that it’s natural beauty will shine through.” ~Tiffany Cade Santiago


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