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In the stillness of this moment


Do you go to church? Where? In an actual building? Or is it in the moment, like when you’re sailing or horseback riding?

I’ve been thinking a lot about religion, faith, and higher power(s). And I’m feeling a little left-behind and alone in that department. I grew up with a really strong (Methodist) faith in The Big One but somewhere along the way, it dissapated — not disappeared– just weakened, like a cup of tea from an old, used teabag. I’m wondering how to get it back, and *where*, and in what form. Because as an adult, some of the {greatest stories ever told} seem like just that, great stories. I’m having a hard time swallowing the reality. I don’t need stories– that’s what books and films offer me. I need something that calms me, helps me forgive myself, and assures me that I am heard, I am not bad, and that I am known.. In the stillness of this moment.



7 thoughts on “In the stillness of this moment

  1. Tracey Clem

    Hey Em,

    First, lovely lovely page. I just used that same image today!! Seemed to fit a page about my anniversary. 🙂

    I love the “seeking” element of your post. I do go to a church i love, but also find God strongly in the colors of fall, in music, in my children, in summer evenings, in art. I believe He reveals himself everywhere. And that has never been more real to me than it was this year as my family went through the greatest struggle we’ve ever known. I agree with you…sometimes the stories can feel like just stories. But I can tell you that this year, when it became MY story, His presence, care, and love became very real.

    A lot for a comment on a blog post, I know. But your post really struck a chord in my heart…

    I hope your holidays were amazing and you’re close to being double-handed again!


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      We are so in sync with our images! Can you share yours with me? I’d love to see it.

      Wow. What vulnerable sharing. I’m honored. Thank you. Did you always have a base of faith? Do you think a great minister helped bring it out or was it the timing and your openness and need? What do you find the church gives you specifically? i.e. community, a sense of not being alone, understanding, ease, … ? xooxoxo


      1. Tracey Clem

        I’d be happy to show you my page with the image!! I’m doing an online class with Kelly Kilmer called Revel in the Moment. Her style is very collage driven, so I’m learning how to put images together. I’m such a rookie, but it’s so much fun! 🙂

        I did grow up with a base of faith – my whole family has always been very committed to church. But when I got to college I really started exploring what faith meant to me. It wasn’t a pastor, but it was the chance to meet amazing people who had great faith, yet challenged what i thought was right. So it all became more real as I started finding out who God was on my own apart from what I had been taught.

        For Kevin and I, church has always been a big part of our lives. For a lot of reasons, including those you mention. It is a great community of people who share my faith, who help me grow, who support me and pray for me when things are hard, who love my kids – and where I can do all that for other people too. During this past year, which has been so unbelievably hard, it has been a place of comfort, a place to find peace and love, and where I have felt God answer questions.

        I would gladly share with you what this last year has been like – what we’ve been through and how real God has been. It’s been a journey.



      2. emilyclineart Post author

        I love Kelly Kilmer! And funny… I’ve never met her. Her class changed the way I work.

        Wow. Hmm. It’s really interesting what you’re saying.. I would love to sit and talk with you. I’m not sure I’m in NJ next week — possibly Wednesday, 18? — and then we’re in LA for a week. How about after the Gather & Giggle on Sunday, January 29? Wanna grab a bite/drink after? Maybe Deb too? xo


  2. Tracey Clem

    Kelly’s stuff is amazing. I’m blown away by the way she layers things.

    Dinner/drinks post Gather & Giggle would be fun! I’d love that. I’m around the 18th too, but have a too-long-delayed haircut booked around noon. Seriously, haven’t had a haircut (or color…gasp!) since June! Safe travels to LA! Xo


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