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What should we call it? I mean, me.


I keep pining for stability. Me. Of all people. I see women here in Larchmont talking to their long-time friends, easily, almost taking it all for granted. I see them running errands, exercising, relaxed. I see them all chill in their days and schedules — not jarred or off-kilter. I don’t have that. And for some reason, me  — the gypsy from the Midwest — I want that.

Things are better — sooo much better. All the big pieces are settling into place: house, school, doctors, babysitter. And I’m working. I have been creating a job — two jobs, actually — that give me purpose. Working makes me feel of service and of value to the community — a feeling that is a huge part of my self-worth.

Doodlebugheart is taking off and Deb & I are in our glory: creating events, bringing people together. I am a {working artist}. I am starting to stock my Etsy shop and I am going to sell my work. I’m not Van Gogh or Pollack, but I am comfortable in my own niche. And maybe that’s another piece in helping me find my place and stability here.

I need your help: my company, my studio, needs a name. I can call it Emily Cline Art, like my blog. But I want to see if we can come up with something better, more powerful, more catching. If you name it, you win it: any piece of art I’ve done — unless it’s already sold. We’ll all vote and in the end, I get full veto power. (Sorry, Mom.)

So tell me, you who know me so intimately, what {name} do you think best suites me and my art?


4 thoughts on “What should we call it? I mean, me.

  1. Meo O'Malley

    Dearest Emily, This is my first blog comment–EVER. I’ve loved seeing your work over the past year, and reading your posts!!! The piece of art work your Mom got to buy jumped right off the screen and into my heart. I’m thrilled and inspired with your process and progress. Blessings for all! Re company/studio name: My vote–both hands, all digits–is to stay with Emily Cline Art. Or if you wish to distinguish the art you’re creating (to sell or exhibit), then perhaps The Emily Cline Studio. For the present and over the long haul, I love the direct connection and identification with YOU through your name. YOU are the power! Blessings and light, Meo [PV Jan. ’10 workshop sistah]


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Meo, I’m so honored! I have been living in our Gorgeous Genius retreat for days now.. reliving the ideas and energy we all felt. Thank you for bringing it real! And thank you for the vote. My name has been an “issue” in our family — I didn’t take my husband’s name. I’ve worked so hard to be me, I feel it’d be wrong to change it to someone else’s! so, OK! Your suggestion is on high priority! And I’ll see about getting you a print of the deer piece Mom bought. 🙂 xoxoxoU


  2. Lisa Sonora Beam

    Ha! I thought I might be the first to comment, and there is Miss Meo! yay!

    Emily, I totally agree with Meo, Emily Cline Art is great. It’s yours. Unlikely chance for scary copyright infringement crap (ask Halle!)

    I get it about naming stuff. Maybe a name will arise later…but the brand of you can be so strong. Do you own emilyclineart.com? git it girl!

    This is such a powerful post – I love the confidence that shines through. “comfortable in my own niche” yeah!


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      I hear you! And btw, (just wrote Meo) I’ve been thinking of you and our retreat so much! I know you have a birthday coming too.. Living in Gorgeous Genius-ness. Emily Cline Art is on high priority. And I completely surprised myself by saying I am “comfortable in my niche”, but I am! Who knew. Thanks, Lisa!


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