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How did I get warm fuzzies and birthday blessings? (It wasn’t my birthday!)


Roses from the birthday bouquet and my placecard

Last night I got a “bucket full of warm fuzzies”, as my 5 year old says. Yesterday was my mother-in-law’s birthday and her husband, my father-in-law, hosted a family dinner. A gorgeous, delicious, fun, festive, (did I mention delicious?) dinner! And somehow, I feel full of warm fuzzies.

We conspired to gift her — not an easy task. Like many of us, she doesn’t *need* anything: her gifts are her family. But she slipped a little hint and we got it. Then my father-in-law, an avid art collector, with fabulous taste, asked me to create her birthday card — from the whole family — in my art-ing style. And he asked me to create place cards, again, in my style… All of this was little daunting because I have a tendency to be a “hot mess” in my work, and they are such refined, {honest} appreciators.

But somehow, it worked. Really. I think it goes along with the newly renovated relationship we are forming, and the more authentic me I’m allowing. No censoring, no hiding. No shame, no blame. A year ago, I never thought all this was possible, and now, here it is. Warm fuzzies and happy family gatherings. Truly a blessing. And it wasn’t even my birthday.


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