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When things fall apart


I’ve had a week. You know, one of those weeks where things just fall apart. Try as I might to keep things on track (that’s what I get for trying), the wheels kept coming off the wagon.

A haircut gone amuck (2 inches too short is A LOT on me, especially the day before a shoot). A clumsy fall that certainly bent a bone, thankfully didn’t break it. A nighttime asthmatic cough preventing sleep all. week. long. Babysitters leaving the country, power outages, lost checks,… Enough!

So today in honor of letting go and not holding onto anything, I’m letting go of this piece, infused with Pema Chodron’s wise words about letting go when things fall apart. It’s $35 (shipping is on me). First dibs wins.

(oh, and by the way, it’s paper, paint, and pencil on an 8 x 10 canvas.) Xo



4 thoughts on “When things fall apart

  1. the mom

    It’s ‘full of beauty,nature,love and an opening to your soul’! I call first dibs??
    But then, maybe you should auction it ?? You can NOT lose, following Pema Chodron’s wise words on/about EVERYTHING! Hoping you have a better week. xo MOSTEST ~ the Mom


    1. emilyclineart Post author

      I know yo are my biggest fan, but really? You want this? I’m just not sure it’s your style! But you were the first: you got it lady! You should know that your daughter-in-law/neighbor also wanted it. 🙂


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