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gettin' my ya-ya's out

I’m trying, I’m trying– wait. No I’m not!


I’m trying not to think while I work today. There are so many pies spinning right now, I need a little brain quiet.

I told My Man last night that it feels like my work days do not end, instead I only take a little nap and keep going. (he said his life has been like that for 9 years!) My brain hasn’t been so {in thought} since I last produced a play, probably 6 years ago, at least.

But I’m realizing my life is good and stable. Enough so that I can make plans and create and think ahead to things I want and need to do. Again, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve felt that.

So for right now, I’ll try to not think so hard, to not try so hard. I’ll {be}. Or as my wise, insightful friend and life coach Deirdre McEachern suggests, I’ll coast. And see how that goes.



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