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How do they do it?


Last week, I was talking to a woman, mother of three preschool-age children, whose husband works full time, all the time. This woman runs marathons and does triathalons, is in the middle of closing on a house here in westchester and moving out of the city while staying at her in- laws with their three kids. Full plate, right?


She’s taken over her in-laws’ garage and has started refurbishing antique furniture, furniture that she finds through junk shops on line– places where she literally has to go to the junkyard and dig through everything until she finds a workable piece. Then she brings it back to the garage, strips, reupholsters, and refinishes it.


I {barely} have time to do a 8 x 10 art piece a day– let alone post about it! So I wanna know: how does she do it?how do all these wonder-
women with kids running all over the place –chauffeuring them, cleaning the house, buying groceries, handing family schedules and birthday parties and picnics and school registration and doctors and dentists and doing the checkups and running marathons and looking fit and getting their hair done and having a relationship and and and… How do they do all that?? And *still* have time to be creative?

I gotta figure this out!


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