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Living in Gratuity (yes, it’s a good long list!)


Finally after a year if being an unhappy, ungrateful, craggy old b*tch, I’m stepping back into myself, full of gratuity, thankful for:

*a huge, shaded, swing-setted yard
*clean white walls
*family that I enjoy and appreciate
*friends’ incredible Show Up support
*a tough semester of awesome college-level art classes
*an agency that sticks by me even though I gave it no time
*my ‘opening’ to a town other than Rye Brook (hollah, Larchmont!) *a happy child
*legs that can still walk (and will run when I can catch my breath)
*a long-hoped-and-dreamt-of movie screening in Los Angeles of a gritty, dark, emotional film (starring me!) *a handsome man coming out of an awful funk
*a new home where we get another chance to make decisions about who we want to be and keep my dearest sistahs back “home” in LA *a best friend with whom to run a creative, well-considered company *Subway Series tickets for a lazy Sunday afternoon
*a beach escape that’s 10 minutes away
*the time and insight to realize that even though I would never have created a plan like this for myself, it is going to be okay.

Whatchou got?


2 thoughts on “Living in Gratuity (yes, it’s a good long list!)

  1. the mom

    I “gots” a beautiful, loving, giving, sensitive, talented, sharing, caring, incredible, awesome, and much more… daughter…… ( she’s a lot like her mother! ) :{)


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