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From LA with love… via Madison, Wisconsin


A coupla months ago dear friends of ours from LA flew to NY for “vacation”. They were our neighbors in the Hollywood Hills and many a nights were spent eating pizza and salads, drinking wine, while our two boys ran helter-sketler through their house and yard. Hearts were broken when we relocated to NY; it was a special visit for us. Like when your favorite cousin comes to visit. Only better (–even with rain and cold outside, the dark & dreary in).


Although the pleasure was all ours, they sent us a thank you gift. An awesome photo book of the boys playing in and around NY, including highlights from their oh-so-photogenic trip to the Empire State Building (“I went to the very tippy top!”) So thoughtful!


A month or so later as we prepared to move (again) to Larchmont, NY, they sent a message asking for our new address. Knowing the woman of their house, that wasn’t a surprise. She’s on top of her game at all times, even now, nearly 8 months pregnant! But the *surprise* came a couple of days later when a big box appeared from Madison, Wisconsin… with love. A handmade, love-and-creativity filled recycled kitchen cabinet door specially made just for us — with the Empire State Building, waves of California, a sunny map of our LA area, and glitter.. just because.


It our honor to have these dear friends in our lives, even with the ridiculous 2,000 miles in between. But with the love and creativity from Green Cricket in Madison, it doesn’t feel so far. Thanks, guys! We love you too!


See pix and read all about the making of the door and her many inspired creations at:



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